Seamless North Africa Agenda



Cairo, 6 - 7 February 2018


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Feb 609:35
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Transforming Egypt into the upcoming international innovative hub and the future of fintech in Egypt

HE Mr Tarek Amer, Governor, Central Bank of Egypt
Feb 609:45
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Keynote: Adapting in a Fintech age

  • Harnessing the power of Fintech as a catalyst for redefining financial markets
  • Providing fuel for growth
  • Accelerating Fintech innovation: debating the role of all players within the ecosystem
  • How to think like a Fintech
  • Re-imagining financial services processes from top to bottom
Jim Marous, Co-Publisher, Digital Banking Report
Feb 610:15
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Keynote Panel: Successful global fintech updates

Moderator: Jim Marous, Co-Publisher, Digital Banking Report
Feb 611:05
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Keynote Panel: Collaboration as the key to digital services inclusion

Philippe Weber, Group Head Mobile Money, Vodafone UK
Feb 612:30
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Panel: Connected payment devices

  • The role of banks in bringing commerce to life by providing and accepting alternative payments
  • Increasing customer engagement through centralised transactions
  • Personalisation: the new connected customer journey
  • The rise of contactless payment technologies: NFC, QR codes, BLE
  • Examining the potential and ramifications of the IoT: identity, access control, privacy and security
  • Comprehending the vast potential of social media payments
Moderator: Wessam Soliman, Chief Executive Officer, Addengreens
Amro AlQubaisi, Founder and MD, Hayya "Let's Go"
Ziad Alshobaki, Managing Director, Quisk, Inc.
Feb 612:30
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Panel: Harnessing fintech innovation in retail banking

  • Understanding the opportunities and challenges for retail banks
  • Friend or foe: clarifying the role of Fintech start-ups within your sustainable innovation strategy
  • Collaboration: identifying the benefits for retails banks entering into these partnerships
  • Building the future bank: aiming to innovate like a start-up
  • Questioning internal frameworks to pave the way for efficient use of innovation
  • Meeting changing customer demands
  • Experimenting in-house vs. buying in Fintech solutions
Dharmesh Desai, Group Executive Vice President & Head Global Indian Banking Program , Remittances & Alliances, Yes Bank
Darren Taylor, Chief Digital Officer, Clearly
Feb 612:30
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Panel: Building and converting traffic

  •     Capturing relevant website traffic data and measuring the right metrics
  •     How to multiply opens, clicks and conversions in email campaigns 
  •     Tracking and boosting all micro conversions 
  •     Back to basics: designing and optimising for each platform and device  
  •     Earning customers trust 
  •     Increasing stickability with simple designs and features 
Mona Ataya, CEO,
Omar Krakiry, Chief Accountant and Founder, FreshMart
Amgad Sanad, Head of eCommerce/Omni-Channel, Al Faisaliah Group - Modern Electronics (SONY)
Feb 613:15
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Rise of mobile payments

  • Who will be the winners of the mobile payments battle?
  • Pushing product innovation further in a market that has trouble evolving beyond payments
  • Streamlining the enrolment process to increase customer uptake 
  • Adding value-added financial services
  • Leveraging cross-industry partnerships to take mobile payments across borders
  • Whoi owns the customer’s loyalty?
Alix Murphy, Director of Mobile Partnerships, WorldRemit
Feb 613:15
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Launching and expanding fintech businesses

  • Navigating a crowded, complex regulatory landscape
  • Understanding, developing and implementing a compliance and regulatory framework
  • Overcoming rigid laws that leave little room for new innovation
  • Assessing costs of expansion
  • Understanding the cultural and language barriers to expansion
Feb 613:15
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Charting the rise of visual commerce

  • Enriching CX with powerful, inspirational, enticing content
  • Luring shoppers to discover new products: visual assets as conversion magnets
  • How to choose the most powerful visual content
  • Using engagement metrics to attract, retain and covert potential customers
  • Combining product imagery, videos and user-generated content
Hesham Safwat, CEO, Jumia
Feb 613:35
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Facilitating mPOS adoption

  • Accepting payments anytime, anywhere
  • Enhancing the purchasing experience and streamlining business activities
  • Driving costs efficiency and ensuring complete transparency: no hidden costs
  • Making every transaction safe and secure
Ramzi Saboury, Chief Commercial Officer, areeba sal
Feb 613:35
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Rolling out next-gen mobile search & discovery

  • Evolving from the traditional tools and technology used in desktop search
  • Accommodating different user behaviour on mobile vs. desktop
  • Fine-tuning results using accumulated, real-time data points 
  • Providing contextual data to aid decision making on the go 
  • Using AI-powered virtual assistants
  • Driving SEO strategies with natural language processing and algorithms
Reserved for Magento
Feb 613:35
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Navigating the new API economy

  • Promoting partnerships through APIs
  • How to leverage open data platforms and vast data stores
  • Understanding the concept and mechanics of open banking 
  • Innovating with APIs as a product to deliver a greater range of apps and services
  • Allowing fintechs to build customised applications faster, quicker and more efficiently 
  • Building the next generation of fintechs and deploying to a wide range of banks
  • Understanding regulatory and cybersecurity burdens

Martin Janzen, Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners FZ-LLC
Feb 615:00
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Re-examining approaches to cyber risk

  • Ensuring all platforms are guarded against attack
  • Developing new security mechanisms whilst cybercriminals cultivate new techniques to evade them
  • Protecting banks from evolving phishing and malware attacks
  • Do your service providers meet your security standards? 
  • Extending risk management focus from pure information confidentiality to include brand reputation
  • Making security part of your corporate DNA
Feb 615:00
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Panel: Differentiating delivery: Surprising and delighting your customers

  • Evaluating what we can learn from the ecommerce giants
  • Understanding opportunities for innovation in fulfilment and logistics
  • Localising globally with geo-located payment systems
  • Creating a ‘prime–like’ shopping experience for all
Sherif ElRakabawy, CEO & CTO, Yaoota
Walid El Saadany, Managing Director, Delivery Hero
Kehinde Oriola, CEO, DealDey
Feb 615:00
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Capitalising on analytics and big data for driving fintech

Philippe Weber, Group Head Mobile Money, Vodafone UK
Feb 615:20
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Examining alternative uses of the blockchain

  • Navigating the emerging opportunities offered by blockchain technology
  • Utilising new blockchain applications to accelerate global adoption
  • Discussing future use cases including:
  • Enhancing agriculture and creating smart farms
  • Monitoring food supply chains
  • Underpinning cloud storage platforms
  • Regulating healthcare
  • Facilitating voting
Interviewer: John Riggins, Head of Operations for Asia Pacific, B.T.C. Media
Abraham Cambridge, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Sun Exchange
Feb 615:20
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Big Data: adopting real-time, actionable analytics

  • Quickly identifying and solving pain points to reduce lost sales 
  • Blurring the lines between traditional business intelligence concepts and big data with new technologies
  • Moving seamlessly to cloud-based analytics and bring the IoT to life
  • Instantly measuring the success of campaigns
  • Optimising your website with real-time split testing 
Islam Zekry, Chief Data Officer, Commercial International Bank
Feb 615:20
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Identity and verification in the digital age

  • Assessing available authentication methods
  • Utilising multiple factor authentication
  • The proposed prevention methods for financial transactions
  • Establishing different techniques to implement One Time Password
  • Establishing mobile token as a total authentication solution
Feb 615:40
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Beyond the password with biometrics

  • Revolutionising the way we interact with money
  • Using people as the answer to security
  • Increasing accessibility for the underserved with biometric capabilities 
  • Assessing the future of convenient, secure and trusted finance
  • Implementing biometric authentication systems into future hardware products
  • Considering multifactor biometrics like fingerprint, retina, voice, retina, facial and heartbeat for authentication 
Reserved for Zwipe
Feb 615:40
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Regtech and the role of the regulators

  • What role should regulators play to promote the adoption of RegTech?
  • Identifying specific rules or policies that inhibit or encourage the adoption of RegTech
  • Improving the interactions between industry participants and regulators
  • Testing RegTech innovations
  • How can RegTech support the industry in meeting new requirements?
Feb 615:40
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One-tap, instant payment solutions

  • Digitalisation of physical wallets
  • Frictionless purchasing via multiple devices to enhance CX
  • Building customer confidence
  • Developing payments that disappear into the broader experience
  • Bringing convenience, simplicity and value to payments
Reserved for e-Finance

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Feb 709:30
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Keynote: Entrepreneurship in the fintech ecosystem

James Haycock, Managing Director and Founding Member, Adaptive Lab
Feb 710:00
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Keynote: Incubation, hubs and becoming THE regional powerhub

  • Developing a hub as a brand
  • Creating a flourishing fintech ecosystem
  • Attracting international talent, investors and businesses
  • Embarking on a fintech spending spree: the time is now for banks
  • What issues are preventing partnerships from being successful?
  • Financing entrepreneurship
  • Delivering technological solutions at the speed expected by the market
Moderator: James Haycock, Managing Director and Founding Member, Adaptive Lab
Rami El Dokany, CEO, Pride Capital
Feb 711:00
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Keynote: Debating the role of the regulator

  • What role should regulators play to promote the adoption of fintech
  • Identifying specific rules or policies that inhibit or encourage the adoption of fintech
  • Improving the interactions between industry participants and regulators
  • Testing fintech innovations
  • Collaborating globally between hubs to help fintechs scale      
  • Installing a regulatory sandbox to kick start innovation
Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief Fintech Officer and Monetary Authority of Singapore, Monetary Authority of Singapore
Ayman Hussein, Sub Governor Payment Systems and Information Technology, Central Bank of Egypt
Feb 712:30
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Panel: Establishing frictionless cross-border payments in North Africa

  •     Developing a digital payments platform that can be scaled to deliver cross-currency, cross-border and cross-network payments 
  •     Improving the cross-border payments experience with greater speed, transparency and end-to-end tracking
  •     Closing the gap between banks and non-banks 
  •     Making cross-border transactions quicker, easier and cheaper 
Steve Naude, Head Middle East Africa, TransferWise
Feb 712:30
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Panel: Digital services for the underserved

  •     Reducing the cost of transactions, educating the underserved and improving access to financial services
  •     Enabling further cross-border transactions to develop a robust, transparent and low-cost financial network 
  •     Developing the range of user-centric financial services available on digital touch points
  •     Developing national data frameworks to foster financial inclusion strategies
  •     Facilitating geo-spatial mapping for deeper insights into financial inclusion landscapes
Moderator: Emilian Popa, Principal, Digital Growth Africa Middle East
Abednego Ugwueke, Head: Mobile Financial Services, First Bank Nigeria Plc
Feb 712:30
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Panel: Evaluating the similarities between B2B vs B2C models

  •     Balancing price transparency vs the integrity of distributors and manufacturers   
  •     Overcoming challenges in website improvement 
  •     Trial & error: taking an innovative, lean approach with constant testing    
  •     How to design and implement a roadmap for digital transformation  
  •     Adapting for mobile or risking being left behind
  •     Optimising the B2B experience to match B2C expectationsReserved for Arab Federation for E-Commerce
Feb 713:15
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Fostering P2P payments

  • How are instant, mobile-to-mobile remittances shifting customer behaviour?
  • Increasing interoperability between MNOs, banks and Central Banks
  • Competing with non-banks
  • Capitalising on favourable cross-border benefits
Feb 713:15
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Financial inclusion in the age of fintech

  •     Segment-specific propositions to millennials, small businesses and the underbanked
  •     Embracing “coopetition” to engage with the existing ecosystem of banks
  •     Providing greater speed, accountability and efficiency
  •     Developing an attractive and significant customer experience
  •     Socialising financial products and services
  •     Commitment between financial institutions and their customers
  •     Boosting access to banking resources and improving financial health
Brad van Leeuwen, CTO, Dopay
Feb 713:15
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Improving usability with advanced UI

  • Understanding differences in user context and behaviour on different screens
  • Testing usability in real-time and quickly fixing issues
  • Incorporating easily understood signifiers for an instinctive, learnable experience
  • Connecting users to the right content quickly with effective site search 
  • Reducing clicks to eliminate the likelihood of missed sales and abandoned baskets
Reserved for sponsor
Feb 713:40
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Engaging the entire financial services ecosystem in financial inclusion

  •     Beyond G2P: Unlocking the development impact of government-to-person payments
  •     Accelerating the integration of financial inclusive services into the broader financial sector
  •     Connecting the social value chain through a digital payments platform
  •     Incentivising innovation: The role of government in fostering financial inclusion business models
  •     Ensuring interoperability and competition among providers and access capability among citizensReserved for sponsor
Feb 713:40
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Seamless UX for mobile

  •     Creating a memorable, personal and emotional onboarding experience
  •     Implementing a system of progressive learning to ensure UX is constantly optimised 
  •     Establishing simple, effective designs 
  •     Incorporating responsive design patterns to improve content discoverability  
  •     Shifting from customisation to personalisation of UX 
  •     Choosing the right colour selection: a psychological perspective 
  •     Optimising gesturisation for an enhanced experience
Feb 713:40
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Making P2P payments an integral part of the financial landscape

  •     Giving consumers more options than ever before for sending money to their peers
  •     Creating a simple, speedy money transfer platform 
  •     Transferring money in real-time
  •     How will low-cost, digital P2P payments affect banks and telcos?
  •     Social media: making use of the viral engine for P2P payments 

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Feb 715:00
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Seamless North Africa Pitch Off In partnership with Pride Capital

Calling all startups and fintechs from across Egypt & the World…

5 to 10 startups and fintechs from around the continent will have five minutes each to pitch their product or solution to our expert panel made up of VC’s, funds and consultants. These innovative, early-stage companies will come head-to-head live and on stage at Seamless North Africa 2018.

In these five minute pitches, competitors will try to convince our industry experts that their business model, technology or platform is going to be a game changer that will revolutionize the Egyptian fintech industry.

The Prize:

·         Cash prize of $15,000 courtesy of Pride Capital and their advisory board.

·         Closed hearing session with the Central Bank of Egypt experts to explore the options of launching in Egypt

·         One to one interview with Key Industry Experts courtesy of Terrapinn

·         Free invitation to the next Seamless event in Dubai April 2018

·         Eligible to join Pride Fintech Accelerator starting April, 2018

All shortlisted companies must be available to attend Seamless North Africa on the 30th of January, 2018 in Cairo. You must also be able to fund your own trip. The organizers can provide preferential rates at Nile Ritz Carlton.

Application deadline 31st of December, 2017

last published: 13/Dec/17 09:26 GMT