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H.E. Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister of Egypt

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Cairo, 17 - 18 June 2019


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Jun 1709:00
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Exhibition opening

Chairperson introduction
Jun 1710:00
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Jasmine Taha Zaki, Presenter, Egypt
Jun 1710:15
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Tarek Amer, Governor, Central Bank of Egypt
Jun 1710:35
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KEYNOTE ANNOUNCEMENT Unveiling of the Egypt fintech strategy

Ayman Hussein, Sub Governor, Central Bank of Egypt
Jun 1711:00
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KEYNOTE The role of innovation in the future of finance

  • Challenges with innovation in banking today and their impact on consumers
  • Macro trends from TechFin to AI and their impact on banking
  • New approches to innovation in banking
  • Implications and ethical dilemmas
Henri Arslanian, Chairman, Fintech Association Of Hong Kong
Jun 1711:30
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KEYNOTE PANEL Endorsing innovation to enable fintech

  • Creating an environment which fosters fintech innovation
  • Generating revenue from commercialisation of innovations
  • Balancing innovation with perceived risk in this new era of technology
  • Challenging traditional processes across the value chain with technology innovation
Moderator: Henri Arslanian, Chairman, Fintech Association Of Hong Kong
Paul Sommerin, Partner - Africa, India and Middle East Financial Services Leader, Ernst & Young
Gaurang Shah, Vice President, Mastercard
Mariano Giralt, Managing Director, Global Head of Tax and Regulatory, EMEA Digital leader and Head of London site, The Bank of New York Mellon
Massimo Proverbio, Chief IT, Digital & Innovation Officer, Intesa Sanpolo
Jun 1712:50
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PANEL NPS: Fostering inclusive innovation

Fintech & Payments
  • Expanding current infrastructure to capture underserved markets
  • Driving NPS with financial technology
  • Easing the process of customer acquisition with e-KYC
  • Collaborating with banks and fintechs to drive multi-platform interoperability
  • Reducing fees and ensuring market freedom through regulation
  • Reducing the number of transactions taking place in the grey economy
Moderator: Samee Zafar, Edgar Director, Dunn and Company
Arif Khan, Chief Digital Officer, National Payments Corporation India
Ziyad A.Aleisa, Vice President - Business, Saudi Payments
Vladimir Komlev, CEO & Chairman of the Executive Board, NSPK
Tarek Raouf, Chief Executive Officer, Egyptian Banks Company for Technological Advancement
Jun 1712:50
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PANEL Loyalty – getting creative

  • Conquering the major hurdles with loyalty longevity
  • Improving customer retention through personalised reward systems
  • Capitalising on data availability to predict and personalise services
  • Understanding increasingly complex consumer decision behaviour to optimise conversion rates
  • Incentivising consumers to purchase with real-time promotions and offers
  • Creating compelling customer experiences by focusing on customers not products
Moderator: Moustafa Abdel Razek, Trade Marketing & E-commerce Manager, Bel
Mai Fahmy, E-Commerce Lead, Unilever
Marwan Kenawy, CEO, Dsquares
Bishoy Amgad George, Country Ecommerce Manager For Midscale And Economy Brands, Accor Hotels, India
Manal Negmeldin, E-Business Head, Elaraby Group
Shaimaa Ismail, Digital Manager, L'Oreal Egypt
Jun 1713:20
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A frictionless online experience

  • Focusing on the individual first and then the product
  • Developing an effective omni-channel CX strategy
  • Providing consistent, meaningful experiences to customers at every touch point
Sameh Abdel Fattah, Co-Founder And Chief Technology Officer, zVendo.com
Jun 1713:30
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PANEL Digital government 4.0: unearthing the future of the smart government

Fintech & Payments
  • Embracing new technology impacting citizen
  • Developing a citizen-driven government, adapting to the digital needs of the population
  • Empowering citizens and increasing the mobile workforce
  • Going contactless: navigating the direction of tap and go
  • De-incentivising cash and accelerating acceptance
  • Expanding the network of cashless points
Ghada Labib, Deputy Minister of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform, Ministry of Planning and Administrative Reform
Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief Fintech Officer and Monetary Authority of Singapore, Monetary Authority of Singapore
Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairman And Managing Director, e-finance
Jeroen Menting, Partner, Technology Advisor, Ernst & Young
Jun 1713:40
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Uncovering the value of the virtual store

  • Diversifying revenue streams whilst minimizing costs through dropshipping
  • Creating value through dynamic pricing
  • Strengthening brand value through implementing personalisation and localisation
  • Utilising datasets and algorithms to set optimal product pricing
Sherif Elrakabawy, Chief Executive Officer And Chief Technology Officer, Yaoota
Jun 1714:00
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Driving sales with personalised marketing

  • Constructing powerful and effective personalised adverts with dynamic retargeting
  • Inspecting your conversion pathways -where are you going wrong?
  • Reducing basket abandonment and pushing demand with enticing retargeted offers
  • Preparing for change as voice-led and image-led searching gains traction
Hannah Edwar, Head of the Digital Marketing and Corporate, EVA Cosmetics - Egypt
Jun 1714:10
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NBE Innovation Challenge - Winner Announcement

Mirna Sleiman, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Fintech Galaxy
Jun 1714:20
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PANEL How to go viral

  • Choosing the right influencer to drive authentic engagement and brand loyalty
  • Maximising return on investment by building a measurement framework
  • Actively engaging with consumers through user generated content
  • Giving your brand a voice across all channelsReserved for sponsor
Moderator: Matthew Sliedrecht, Director - Marketing, Cleartrip
Moustafa Abdel Razek, Trade Marketing & E-commerce Manager, Bel
Ayman Essawy, COO, Dsquares
Hatem Ayoub, Co-Founder & Head of Marketing, Tripdizer
Ahmed Nader, Partners Relationship Director, Fawry Banking And Payment Technology
Jun 1715:20
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SME lending: boom or bust?

Fintech & Payments
  • Rethinking the SME lending and credit value chain
  • Leveraging cash flows, social media and non-financial data as approval methods
  • Capitalising on SME market
  • Combining banks financial firepower with fintech innovations when approving credit lending
  • Navigating the regulatory landscape surrounding fintech lending solutions
Shyam Mohan, Start Path Lead - MEA, Mastercard
Jun 1715:20
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FIRESIDE CHAT Rethinking the entire supply chain

  • Establishing a customer-focused omni-channel strategy from packaging to last mile delivery
  • Broadening visibility with real-time tracking and improved traceability
  • Confronting the logistical and economical challenges stifling innovation
  • Leveraging physical stores as product return hubs to offset inflated costs
  • Utilising disruptive data-driven technology, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and IoT
Moderator: Mahdi Al Olabi, Chief Executive Officer, R2S Logistics
Mohamed Shedeed, Founder, HORECA STAR
Ahmed Reyad, Supply Chain Director, AL-Rayah Market
Jun 1715:45
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PANEL Empowering the population with digital banking

Fintech & Payments
  • Challenging legacy thinking and organisational structures
  • Reconfiguring core capabilities with digital solutions to cater for the entire population
  • Keeping pace with the young, dynamic, growing and digitally native population
  • Delivering engaging digital customer experiences
Moderator: Tarik Alatovic, Partner, McKinsey&Co.
Jayesh Patel, Head of Liv Digital Bank, Emirates NBD
Tauriq Keraan, Deputy CEO, TymeBank ZA
Akef El Maghraby, Deputy Chairman, Banque Misr
Jun 1715:45
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Navigating new shipment models

  • Evaluating the different shipment options and systems available
  • Understanding opportunities for innovation in fulfilment and logistics
  • Implementing APIs to provide multicarrier functionality and support
  • Improving efficiency with automated warehouses and new pickup optionsReserved for sponsor
Samer Mansour, General Manager, Egypt, Aramex
Jun 1716:15
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PANEL Automating the user-experience

  • Incorporating chatbots as the users first point of call
  • Driving additional commerce through offering 24/7 automated support
  • Employing machine learning optimisation to provide increased personalisation
  • Revolutionising the entire purchasing experience with hands-free AI
  • Collaborating with leading tech companies for consumer convenience
Moderator: Kinda Chebib, Consultant, Euromonitor International
Ulugbek Yuldashev, Founder And Managing Director, Awok.Com
Onye Anuna, Technical Consultant and Creative Director, Gravalot
Matthew Sliedrecht, Director - Marketing, Cleartrip
Mohamed Mossaad, Chief Strategy Officer, Elmenus.Com
Jun 1716:20
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INTERVIEW Fintech & financial inclusion: what’s next?

Fintech & Payments
  • Leveraging data to build solutions beyond payments to create a whole ecosystem
  • Understanding the challenges of creating self-sustainable eco-systems
  • Investigating what steps must be taken in order to achieve success
Moderator: Matteo Rizzi, Co Founder, FinTechStage
Paul Kavavu, Head of Department, Emerging Business, M-PESA/Financial Services, Safaricom
Jun 1716:55
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CIB Innovation Challenge - Winner Announcement

Mirna Sleiman, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Fintech Galaxy

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Jun 1809:30
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Linda Abdelatif, Tv Presenter And Reporter, Nile T.V. International
Jun 1809:35
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KEYNOTE ADDRESS Official welcome address

Ambassador Mohamed Al Rabea, Secretary General, Council of Arab Economic Unity
Jun 1809:45
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KEYNOTE ADDRESS Arab Federation of Digital Economy

Ali Al-Khouri, Chairman, Arab Federation for Digital Economy
Jun 1809:55
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KEYNOTE The future of banking: it’s time to disrupt!

  • Prioritising the implementation of new technologies
  • Personalising the customer experience with robotics, IoT and AI
  • Addressing the legacy back-office operations that may be hindering digital banking innovation
  • Effectively incorporating VR and AR to add value to organisational strategies
Jim Marous, Co-publisher, Digital Banking Report
Jun 1810:25
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KEYNOTE DEBATE Fintegration: shaping the future of financial services

  • Overcoming the roadblocks for fintech innovation
  • Choosing whether to innovate from within or buy in the required skills
  • Supporting rather than hindering innovation with a collaborative approach
  • Balancing risk and innovation
Moderator: Jim Marous, Co-publisher, Digital Banking Report
Peter Tavener, Chief Operating Officer And Chief Financial Officer, Beehive UAE
Yuko Kawai, General Manager For Europe And Chief Representative In London, Bank of Japan
Kaushalya Somasundaram, Managing Director, Hsbc
Mohamed Okasha, Managing Director, fawry
Jun 1811:15
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KEYNOTE Fintech frenzy: hype or reality?

  • Where to invest – lending, wealth, insurance or blockchain?
  • Identifying the scalable opportunities and where to find them
  • Ensuring ROI in the marketplace of abundance
  • Exploring the decline in payment fintechs and the increase in broader technology
Mike Sigal, Partner, Upside Partners &, 500 Startups
Jun 1812:15
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Propelling growth through start up ecosystems

Fintech & Payments
  • Building a collaborative environment to showcase and exchange new ideas
  • Developing talent and nurturing new leaders for the new digital economy
  • Driving organic growth of fintech talent with incubator and accelerator programmes
Ahmed El Alfy, Fintech Hub, Central Bank of Egypt
Jun 1812:15
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Unearthing the new digital payment platforms

  • Recognising the need to offer an array of viable payment options
  • Transitioning from offline to online payments
  • Balancing the new necessities; user experience, convenience and security
  • Maintaining a customer-centric attitude when launching multiple-device payment strategies
  • Examining the reality of a one-click payment strategy
Kunle Isiaka, Head: Digital Solutions, Wema Bank
Jun 1812:35
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Developing a seamless payment experience

  • Establishing secure and convenient payment systems
  • Establishing optimised fields, autofill and vertical alignment across all platforms
  • Increasing conversion rates and re-enforcing customer confidence through streamlined payment processes
  • Offering cart management options at checkout
Jun 1812:40
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PANEL Securing talent in the digital economy

Fintech & Payments
  • Pro-actively addressing talent capabilities and gaps at a strategic level
  • Rethinking value propositions and employee rewards
  • Discovering alternative methods of accessing technology talent
  • Match-making talent with organisations
Moderator: Kareem Elsirafy, Managing partner, Modus Capital
Mostafa Khater, Director Of Growth, The GrEEK Campus
Karl Tlais, Advisor, Senior Vice President, Rainmaking Innovation / Startupbootcamp
Ayman Eldessouky, Chief Executive Officer, Ebtikar
Nzube Ufodike, Founder, Amoo Venture Capital Advisory
Jun 1812:55
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The anatomy of a perfect checkout page

  • An exclusive report highlighting the challenges and opportunities in the online payment space
  • Learn more about the different online payment behaviours in MENA vs rest of the world
  • How to improve acceptance ration and reduce fraud risks
  • The importance of local payment methods
Remo Giovanni Abbondandolo, VP Business Development MENA, Checkout.com
Jun 1813:15
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PANEL Revolutionising m-commerce platforms

  • Adopting mobile platforms to eliminate purchasing friction
  • Aligning mobile optimisation with an increasingly global consumer base
  • Adding convenience through offering a variety of payment options and guest checkout services
  • Incorporating social media and building loyalty through rewards
Moderator: Kunle Isiaka, Head: Digital Solutions, Wema Bank
Ahmed Nader, Partners Relationship Director, Fawry Banking And Payment Technology
Ahmed Osman, Head of Product Management & Strategic Partnerships, Otlob.com
Hazem Hosny, Ecommerce Manager, Speed.com.eg
Diaa Hassan, Founder, herzone.com
Waleed Abd Elrahman, Entrepreneur, Mumm
Jun 1813:20
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Seizing the digital opportunity

Fintech & Payments
  • Utilising digital banking to increase customer convenience and accessibility
  • Leveraging APIs to transform business models and unlock new capabilities
  • Adding customer value through enhanced industry-specific functionality
  • Increasing revenue through lower operating costs based on streamlined processes
Murray Gardiner, Director, Bluecode
Jun 1813:45
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ENBD Innovation Challenge - Winner Announcement

Mirna Sleiman, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Fintech Galaxy
Jun 1814:55
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PANEL Exploring the next evolution of cross border

Fintech & Payments
  • Establishing quicker, cheaper and more transparent cross-border and cross-currency payment platforms
  • Implementing real-time end-to-end settlement with blockchain technology
  • Connecting digital wallets globally with seamless inoperability
  • Closing the gap between banking and non-banking transactionsPowering remittances in the traveller generation
Moderator: Martin Janzen, Managing Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners FZ-LLC
Oya Ardic, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Payment Systems Development Group
Faisal Alhijawi, Director - Global Payment, Western Union Financial Services Inc.
Alexey Oreshin, Alexey Oreshin, Sr. Director, Emerging Markets Digital, Visa
Jun 1814:55
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Transforming into a digital B2B company

  • Changing mind-sets to think digitally without harming the existing business
  • Achieving a deeper understanding of the b2b marketplace for ecommerce
  • Building a digital first strategy that allows easy transition into b2b ecommerce
  • Identifying the key pitfalls b2b companies make with digital transformation to avoid costly mistakes
  • Ensuring brand message is not diluted during transformation
  • Implementing tokenization to minimize the complexity of transactions
Jun 1815:15
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Unifying commerce on a single digital platform

  • Combining content into one platform for seamless, comprehensive selling
  • Driving retention and account growth with personalized self-service sites
  • Revitalising commerce with modern experiences that support B2B
  • Enhancing existing solutions with B2B commerce capabilities
Moussalam DALATI, General Manager Middle East, Liferay Middle East FZ - LLC
Jun 1815:30
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Safeguarding the future with cybersecure infrastructure

Fintech & Payments
  • Uncovering both the opportunities and risks that come with banking in a digital world
  • Eradicating data breaches and security vulnerabilities with machine learning and AI
  • Applying adaptive authentication and behavioural analytics to customer processes
  • Utilizing tokenization as an extra layer of protection when handling payments
  • Harnessing behavioural patterns and location services
  • Converting cyberisk into an attribute
Mohamed Hossam, Managing Partner, MNZ Information Security Services
Jun 1815:35
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PANEL Growing a successful e-commerce venture

  • Reviewing the platforms available for setting up and scaling an e-commerce business
  • Acknowledging the importance of building an omni-channel experience
  • Generating value and sticking to brand promises
  • Incorporating customer-driven payment solutions
Moderator: Khaldoon Tabaza, Founder And Managing Director, iMENA Group
Neeraj Goswami, Associate Director for Business Development, Cleartrip
Ibrahim Shams, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Kiliim
Dina Gobran, Country Manager, OLX Group
Jun 1816:05
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Calling all start-ups and fintechs from across Egypt and the World…5 to 10 start-ups and fintechs from around the continent will have five minutes each to pitch their product or solution to our expert panel made up of VC’s, funds and consultants. These innovative, early-stage companies will come head-to-head live and on stage at Seamless North Africa 2019.In these five-minute pitches, competitors will try to convince our industry experts that their business model, technology or platform is going to be a game changer that will revolutionize the Egyptian fintech industry.All shortlisted companies must be available to attend Seamless North Africa on the 18th June 2019 in Cairo. You must also be able to fund your own trip.
Khaled Ismail, HIMangel
Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief Fintech Officer and Monetary Authority of Singapore, Monetary Authority of Singapore
Mike Sigal, Partner, Upside Partners &, 500 Startups
Akef El Maghraby, Deputy Chairman, Banque Misr
Dalia Ebaz, National Bank of Egypt
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