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The company was established in May 2008 with its first delivery center in Amman-Jordan, where we focused at the initial stage on building its internal capabilities and setting its operational and technical infrastructure.
The name comes from the word “extension”, targeting the smart extension for your business.

Our purpose at Extensya is to help bring progress and success to our partners, allowing them to liberate their capabilities and transform key business functions to take them to new levels of performance and excellence.

Extensya helps its partners through its innovative Customer Experience Management and Business Process Outsourcing solutions.
Our service currently covers different voice and non-voice operations, besides our Extensya AI services (Development House) and facility leasing.
Our brand strength comes, as well, from the diversified client profiles in different industries such as; E-Commerce, aviation, Payment solutions, FMCG, logistics, Retail & Hypermarket, Public Sector, Telecom & Internet, Governmental and many others.

Extensya has presence with +2500 employees. And affiliations in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iraq and India, with clients from various countries within the Middle East region for whom Extensya provides various services that cover the Middle East, USA, Europe, and the Indian Sub-continent.



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