How to Build Launch & Grow a Profitable Online Business

Locations: Ecommerce University Theatre



MAR 25
11:00 How to use data analytics to make informed strategic decisions
11:30 How to deliver a painless payment experience to your customer
12:00 Science of growing your revenue by 30% from your existing customers
12:30 How to maximize return from AI and chatbots - a dynamic duo
13:00 The key steps to ensuring delivery isn’t the largest headache in your business? 
13:30 eCommerce: Deliver Commerce Experiences at the speed of your customer
14:00 Warehouse automation – how automated should your companies warehouse be?
14:30 The Future of Online Payments: Opportunities for Growth
15:00 How to deliver a personalized user experience on all digital and physical retail channels
15:30 How to maximize moving to the Cloud – Full cloud vs Hybrid?
16:00 Building conversion before building traffic



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