LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital), Tuesday 17 April 2018

Craig Lee
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Host: Craig Lee

Host: Craig Lee, CCO, TribeCX


LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Embracing marketing technology of the future

  •     Implementing new technology that derives deeper customer insights 
  •     Harnessing data driven learning systems: machine learning and artificial intelligence 
  •     What role will blockchain play?
  •     Breaking programmatic out of its black box: scaling across multiple campaigns
  •     Increasing the adoption of automation tools to increase customer engagement and productivity  
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Designing a next generation rewards programme

  •     Going beyond rewards: making a loyalty programme aspirational
  •     Delight, create and retain loyal customers 
  •     Creating a lifestyle app: enhancing a customer’s life, problems and soothing pain points
  •     Status anxiety: harnessing the positive effects of envy
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Marrying social, mobile and loyalty: developing your own mobile wallet

  •     Making your mobile wallet stand out in a crowded marketplace 
  •     How realistic is it to create a mobile wallet? 
  •     Tapping into the hearts, minds and wallets of millennials 
  •     Integrating your mobile wallet with your CRM and payment systems
  •     Enhancing all aspects of the purchasing experience: convenience, speed, engagement 
Bartosz Demczuk
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Driving location based loyalty

  • Staying on the same (preferred) customer channels
  • Do it right! Technology as best friend and worst enemy – when is the right time
  • Generation Snowflake – what kind of loyalty they are looking for?
Bartosz Demczuk, Business Unit Director, Comarch Middle East
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

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Panel discussion
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Panel: Bringing your brand to life: driving the brand experience

  •     Using new technology and content to build experiences that matter
  •     Crafting an enriching, intimate expression of your brand values 
  •     Expanding the definition of a brand
  •     Creating a connection with storytelling and personalisation 
Vural Cifci, VP Digital Marketing, STARZ PLAY
Albert Dias, CTO, Musafir.com
Alborz Toofani, Chief Executive Officer, Snappcard
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Effectively dealing with the proliferation of chat apps

  •     What guidelines should marketers adopt when deciding which apps to use? 
  •     Engaging through private, meaningful, conversational moments 
  •     Weighing up discoverability vs interactivity 
  •     Combining AI and natural language processing to drive CX
Alex Malouf
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

What’s the value of a ‘follower’?

  •     Assessing how valuable ‘followers’ and ‘subscribers’ are, even if they are vanity metrics
  •     Allowing brands to build lookalike campaigns that inform paid social ad spend
  •     Gaining a true understanding of how people react to your brand 
  •     Tracking consumer preferences and loyalty
Alex Malouf, Corporate Communications and Reputation Manager, Png
Priyanka Lakhani
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Using technology to reduce friction in the path to purchase

  •     Implementing technology to make a product or service frictionless
  •     What areas must brands focus on in order to iron out friction in the path to purchase?
  •     Can experiential tech (AR, VR, AI, and Voice) transcend the prototype stage to be a source of ease for consumers?
  •     Examining possible applications for experiential tech in the areas of retail, government, healthcare and education that would improve convenienceReserved for sponsor 
Priyanka Lakhani, Regional Commercial Director - MEAI, Collinson Group
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)



Vural Cifci
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Creating a robust technology stack: ensuring your marketing stack makes analytics simple

  •     Revealing the difference between ad-tech and mar-tech: why marketing analytics practitioners need to care
  •     Creating a seamless marketing and advertising technology stack
  •     Constantly A/B testing to measure efficiencies 
  •     Getting the right message in front of the right customers, at the right time 
Vural Cifci, VP Digital Marketing, STARZ PLAY
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Building in-depth customer journey maps with customer data

  •     Ranking touchpoints by importance: don’t be overwhelmed by the experiential aspect of marketing  
  •     Creating a cohesive customer journey: highlighting every part of the purchasing experience 
  •     Identifying the touchpoints where customers interact with your brand 
  •     Infusing data into your customer journey strategy to define customer segments and identify churn signals 
Gokhan Koc
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Unlocking your customer DNA

  •     Turning data into actionable insight 
Gokhan Koc, Director - Analytics, OSN
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Optimising your data management platform

  •     Orchestrating breakthrough brand experiences and deeper consumer engagement 
  •     Drawing data signals from all screens and sources to improve experiences across all consumer touchpoints 
  •     What actually counts as a ‘single customer view’ and how do you know you have it?Speaker TBC, Easyrewardz
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

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Mai Cheblak
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Scaling engagement: taking social media targeting to the next level

  •     Defining the boundaries: creating ethical social media guidelines
  •     Maintaining privacy: how much is too much?  
  •     Uniting people, processes and technology to drive ROI
  •     Moving beyond listening: personalising the customer experience  
Mai Cheblak, Associate VP – Group Media & Social, Emirates NBD
Mohamad Jaber
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

#growthhacking: making your marketing truly growth-based

  •     Debunking common myths about growth hacking 
  •     Activating visitors: getting them to take action 
  •     Adopting a growth mindset in your company DNA
  •     Delivering ‘must have’ experience: to the right customers at the right time 
Mohamad Jaber, Group Marketing and Communication Manager, Paris Gallery Group
Siobháin Spear
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Under the influence: the toxic debate about influencer marketing

  •     Trying to find the right influencer 
  •     Macro vs. Micro influencer 
  •     Getting the pricing right  
  •     Transparency and trust 
  •     Measuring performance
Siobháin Spear, Editor in Chief, Insydo
Yan Levieil
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

Formulating the correct social KPIs

  •     Why the ‘perfect KPI’ is an illusion: social KPIs need to be constantly redefined 
  •     How can social media marketers make social KPIs relevant to those who don’t care about social? 
  •     Ensuring social KPIs accurately reflect long-term brand-building as well as short term sales 
Yan Levieil, Major Account Manager Middle East, Talkwalker
LEAD (loyalty, experience, analytics, digital)

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