Michael Cluzel | Co-Founder and CEO
Eatigo | Thailand

Michael Cluzel, Co-Founder and CEO, Eatigo

Mr. Michael Cluzel has enjoyed a multinational career as a business leader ranging across 4 continents and 4 industries. After graduating from the oldest university in Germany (Heidelberg) with a Master of Arts in Economics in 1999, he went on a journey that took him to Switzerland, Germany, Thailand, China, Paraguay, Lao PDR, Vietnam, the Caribbean and back to Thailand! Working for Global Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola (Food & Beverages), Henkel (Cosmetics), and Vimpelcom (Telecommunications) he became a CEO at just 33 years of age. He quickly carved out a reputation as a creative, charismatic and highly successful business leader running businesses up to the size of 700M USD yearly turnover. Mr. Cluzel is the co-founder and CEO of Eatigo, the leading online reservation platform for restaurants in Thailand and Singapore.


E-Commerce & Retail University Indonesia 2017 (Day 1) @ 13:00

How to take your customer from engagement to purchase

A 45 minute workshop which will guide you to the process of monetising your online audience. Over the session you will learn how to create profitable brand champions, drive targeted offers, stop a race to the bottom on price, and ensure a streamlined checkout process.

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