Financial Inclusion Summit



2 September2019
Radisson Blu, Nairobi, Kenya



What is the Financial Inclusion Summit?

The quest for finacial inclusion has generated a legitimate business opportunity for organisations across the finance, retail, technology and telecommunication industries. Governments are waking up to the distributed wealth that financial inclusion can create. In order to transform accessibility of finances, Government are putting wide-reaching financial inclusion roadmaps into action and partnering with private sector organisations to get their services in front of untouched communities.


We're covering everything you need to know:

  • How to create new products that fulfil an unmet need and deliver at scale
  • Generating buy in through the entire management stack for technology investment
  • Understanding consumer behaviour on fintech platforms to improve financial wellbeing
  • Leveraging financial innovation and education for small business holders and unbanked start-ups for true financial inclusion
  • Exploring alternative credit scoring to reach credit invisibles
  • AgriFintech - transforming smallholder agriculture through digital platforms and partnership



• Chief Digital Officer
• Head Of Digital Strategy
• Head Of Mobile Financial Services
• Head Of Transaction Banking
• Head Of Agency Banking
• Head Of Credit


  • Payment networks/card schemes
  • Mobile Financial Services
  • Digital wallet and ePayment providers
  • Agency Banking services
  • Kiosk and Hardware manufacturers
  • Mobile lending and micro-credit services
  • Loyalty and reward solutions


09:00 PANEL Financial inclusion: harnessing Africa’s digital potential
  · Building on the mobile money revolution in East Africa to drive financial inclusion
  · Reimagining inclusion with technology innovation
  · Utilising new products and services deriving from the digital era
  · Unearthing the emerging providers within financial inclusion


Jesse Moore, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, M-KOPA Solar

Pedro Carvalho, Head of Retail & Business Banking, Barclays Bank Mozambique

09:30 Shifting from access to advanced services in Kenya
  · Deepening population engagement with mobile money
  · Using mobile as the gateway to more advanced financial services
  · Developing innovative mobile money platforms and partnerships
  · Improving existing customer experiences
  · Boosting financial literacy and successfully enrolling innovative financial services
09:50 Revolutionising regulation to scale up inclusive innovation
  · Examining the relationship between innovation and policymaking
  ·  Boosting inclusion by presenting safe, useful services that are attractive and accessible to the unbanked
  · Supporting the use of advanced technologies
  · Ensuring regulatory impediments do not prohibit innovation
  · Addressing entrepreneurial challenges in inclusive technology

  SPEAKER:  Dr. Konstantinos Tsanis, Chief Transformation Officer, ATLAT/WEMA Bank

10:10 Agritech startups: the gateway to improved financial inclusion
  · Implementing innovative technology to support NPA’s within the bank
  · Partnering with agritech to develop better credit and lending technology
  · Utilising image processing and data analytics to optimise financial services
  · Onboarding rural bank branches into the core banking system
  · Enabling digital finance through agritech collaboration

SPEAKER:  Jack Langworthy, Founder & CEO, NINAYO Inc

10:03 Networking break
11:20 PANEL The fintech promise: achieving full financial inclusion
  · Are incumbents falling behind to meet sustainable development goals?
  · Utilising innovative business models, products and emerging technologies to drive financial inclusion
  · Spurring fintech innovation for the vulnerable
  · Going beyond banking with additional opportunities such as savings and investment, low cost payment systems, insurance and credit


Kees Van Lede, Chief Executive Officer, CarePay
Hussein Samanya Lubwama, Financial Inclusion & Agro Value Chain Specialist, Strategic Impact Advisors

Caine Wanjau, Chief Technology Officer, Twiga Foods

Patrick Awori, Founder & CEO, Imaginarium

11:50 Digital credit: time for celebration or concern?
  · Discovering the rapid proliferation in digital credit
  · Exploring the flexible and inclusive lending terms that come with microcredit
  · Unearthing the risks that come with digital lenders such as multiple borrowing, high interest rates
  · Ensuring financial literacy and understanding with microcredit
  SPEAKER:  Ireneus Gichana, Chief Executive Officer, Maisha Microfinance Bank Limited
12:01 Collaboration and diversity: the keys to financial inclusion
  · Looking at the bigger picture to tackle regional necessities
  · Opening financial inclusion to the many with multiple platforms through partners
  · Utilising the advantages of both banks and fintechs for new product launches, investment opportunities and infrastructure development
  · Collaborating with the wider industry e.g. insurers, remittance etc. for a diverse product range
  · Disaggregation of the value chain with open platforms and APIs
  · Supporting fintech experimentation on a regional and global scale
  SPEAKER:  Raliat Sunmonu, Senior Director – Africa Program Management,
12:02 Superplatforms: from financial inclusion to employment
  · Unearthing the effects of Amazon, Alibaba, Jumia etc on financial inclusion
  · Fuelling demand for financial products with wallets and digital platforms
  · Accelerating the entry and survival of SMEs through superplatform marketing
  · Changing the nature of formality for commerce with super apps and platforms
  · Supporting fintech scale up with financial access to power better paying employment for young workers
12:03 Lunch
13:03 PANEL Inclusion rises. Disparities remain.
  · Overcoming the inequalities between rich and poor, men and women
  · Outlining the opportunity
  o 1.7 billion adults unbanked
  o 2/3rds have a mobile phone
  · Empowering with digital banking for prosperity and economic growth
  · Capturing the exponential growth in mobile financial transactions to reach underserved or unserved markets

Jennifer White, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Student Finance Africa

Kees Van Lede, Chief Executive Officer, CarePay

Araika Mkulo, Director of the Board, Tanzania Insurers Association

Ganza Mfumya, Head of Rural & Agro Lending, Access Bank

14:00 The Sacco movement: safeguarding the future of low-income earners
  · Supporting the growing number of the Kenyan population belonging to saccos
  · Embracing digital technology for full financial inclusion
  · Diversifying investment mix to compete in the hypercompetitive lending industry
  · Driving entrepreneurship with accessible loans and saving platforms
· Overcoming the regulatory roadblocks
  SPEAKER:   Antone Wambura, Executive Director,  Lake National Sacco
14:20 Policy and practice: addressing the financial gender gap
  · Understanding the unequal opportunities, laws and regulations preventing full financial inclusion
  · Driving mobile phone ownership in women to bypass traditional financial mechanisms
  · Focusing on financial capability and boosting financial literacy amongst girls and women
· Leveraging existing infrastructure to close the gender gap
  SPEAKER:  Abeba Tesfai, CMO, Enat Bank
14:40 Ensuring financial inclusion reaches even the most vulnerable
  · Understanding the position of refugees and financial inclusion within the comprehensive refugee response framework (CRRF).
  · Case study: Kalobeyei pilot
  · Addressing the key barriers facing refugees and financial inclusion
15:00 Networking break
15:30 PANEL Exploring the new paradigm of financial identity
  · Connecting digital identity with mobile money for full financial inclusion
  · Identifying the 1.1 billion people without a identification
  · Empowering refugees and UDPs through digital identification
  · Paving the way for a self-sovereign identity with decentralised infrastructure
  · Reaching the unbanked and unidentified with technology innovation


Amanda Donahue, Head of Africa, YABX

Daniel Szlapak, Director of Africa,

16:00 Biometric authentication: bridging the gap for financial inclusion
  · Bridging the gap between digital financial services and digital authentication
  · Exploring fingerprint authentication to remove literacy challenges, PINs and passwords
  · Combatting the bank challenge of rapid advances in technology
  · Partnering with technology companies to implement the latest digital technology
16:30 End of summit

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