Victor Okigbo | Group Head of Financial Technology and Innovation
Access Bank Nigeria

Victor Okigbo, Group Head of Financial Technology and Innovation, Access Bank Nigeria

Okigbo is a pioneering digital innovator in Nigeria and an advocate of technology entrepreneurship to foster greater digital inclusion on the continent.  Over the last 25 years he co-founded InfoSoft Nigeria one of the country’s leading software development firms, worked with firms as diverse as Microsoft and British American Tobacco and initiated the formation of IDEA Nigeria, the country’s first public-private partnership technology incubator.  Okigbo is head of financial technology and innovation at Access bank and currently leads The Africa Fintech Foundry – a fintech startup incubator based in Lagos.  In his spare time, he runs Anthill 2.0 an acclaimed invitation-only poetry and spoken word forum that holds at various discreet locations in the city of Lagos. Okigbo serves voluntarily on the Nigerian Economic Summit Group's Science and Technology Policy Commission.


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 14:20

Collaborating with disruption: How banks and Fintechs can work together

  •     The phenomenon of digital banking in a traditionally unbanked market 
  •     Finding your niche and changing how you do things 
  •     Why partnerships are important and what it means for the customer 
  •     A focus on CX and what can be learnt from digital innovation 
  •     Lessons from an African case study  

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