Schalk Nolte | CEO

Schalk Nolte, CEO, Entersekt

Schalk Nolte is CEO of Entersekt, an innovative pioneer in transaction authentication. With experience in managing large-scale mobile technology and network deployments across Africa and the Pacific, Nolte is a driving force behind Entersekt’s growth.

As co-founder of Entersekt, Nolte is responsible for overseeing the company, its investors and continued growth and development. 

Previously, Nolte served in leadership roles within the mobile and telecoms industry, including Vmobile (later Celtel & Zain), where he was responsible for technology deployment as well as building and managing a team across the country, consistently exceeding targets.

Nolte joined Entersekt as CEO in 2009. His vision is to turn Entersekt into the de facto solution for banking security, with a focus on building consumers trust in mobile and changing the way financial institutions interact with their customers. Nolte has assisted in expanding Entersekt’s software in more than 45 countries.

Nolte earned his Bachelor’s of Electronic Engineering from Stellenbosch University, one of the top research universities in South Africa.


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Building customer trust: Securing your checkout and online payments

  •     Laying the bedrock of security on which to enable winning payment services
  •     Eliminating phishing and similar attacks targeting e-commerce
  •     Reducing false positives and shopping-cart abandonment
  •     Boosting user confidence for increased revenue and satisfaction
  •     Enabling a one-touch experience engineered for a mobile-first world

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