Rob Heyns | Founder & Marketing Director
League of Beers

Rob Heyns, Founder & Marketing Director, League of Beers

Rob Heyns founded League of Beers in 2012 as a way to bring crafters and drinkers of quality beer closer together. Since then, and after joining forces with Yuppiechef in 2013, League of Beers has shared the stories and flavours of craft with over 200 000 foodies and beer fans across South Africa. In 2017 Rob launched Sugarbird Gin through a crowdfunding campaign that rocked SA by beating Fokof Polisiekar’s SA rewards-based crowdfunding record and raising over R1 million through selling pre-sale rewards. 


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 14:40

League of Beers Case Study: Staying successful using prices as a tool

  •     Appealing to a B2C market – it’s all about the customer
  •     Costs and benefits
  •     Keeping competitive - 24/7 price monitoring and changes
  •     Discounts, vouchers and promotions 

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