Phumelele Bezu | VP of Sales and Marketing

Phumelele Bezu, VP of Sales and Marketing,

I’m a Sowetan girl living on the slope of a flat-top mountain in Cape Town. I am obsessed with the ethnic consumer’s purchasing behavior. I’m a retail buyer by profession. Having worked fr the largest retailers in South Africa including, Edcon Group, Clicks Group and Just On, I now specialise in eCommerce for the female ethnic consumer in South Africa. Amongst few of my businesses, I am run an eCommerce hair retailer (for the South African market) as well as an eCommerce fashion retail (for the international market), I also consult for international brands that are looking into expanding their South African footprint with the local / ethnic market.


Seamless Ecommerce University Day 1 @ 11:50

How to leverage virtual communities and marketing web portals

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