Mouawia Essekelli | Director
Attijariwafa Bank

Mouawia Essekelli, Director, Attijariwafa Bank

Deputy General Manager and Head of the Global Transaction Banking, Attijariwafa Bank
Mr. Mouawia ESSEKELLI is an Engineer who graduated from the École Centrale of Paris in 1992. He
begins his career at Crédit du Maroc, the Moroccan affiliate of Crédit Lyonnais as Head of ForEx
He then joined IBM Morocco in 1998 as a senior sales representative for Banking and Finance
In November 2005, M. Essekelli was appointed as Head of “Banque des Marocains sans Frontière”
Business Unit in Attijariwafa bank, the largest bank in Morocco.
In September 2008 he moved to Paris as General Manager of Attijariwafa bank Europe, the
European Affiliate of the banking group.
In October 2014 he returned to the head offices at Casablanca and was named Deputy General
Manager and Head of the Global Transaction Banking of the Group


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Old vs new: tracking the digitialization of B2B

  •     Transforming business models 
  •     Expanding outside traditional markets to enable operational innovation 
  •     Setting up the right infrastructure to leverage digitiazation 
  •     Streamlining workflow and productivity for improved B2B transaction 
  •     Leveraging digitisation to boost customer onboarding 

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