Matthew De Freitas | Founder
Black Line Sprinting

Matthew De Freitas, Founder, Black Line Sprinting

I am a track cyclist from Cape Town, and have been South African and African champion, as well as on the National Team.  I also have an interest in Psychology, specifically sport psychology.  I have my honours degree and write a blog about sport psychology on my website.  I also have keen interests in travel, sport, business and food & wine.
I started BLS a year ago with my business partner to provide products we couldn’t find in the cycling market.  We started with a strategy to capture the track cycling market before moving onto the road and MTB markets.  We have ambassadors from all over the world including World champions, Olympic champions and world record holders.  Our main product lines include luggage, apparel and various accessories.  We only sell online direct to customer, and have shipped to over 35 countries.  Our aim is building an international cycling brand synonymous with performance, innovation and quality.


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 11:40

Expanding international: Building your distribution networks and delivery models

  •     How volume and speed expectations will drive your strategy 
  •     Creating an optimal distribution network from the start 
  •     Technology enabled distribution networks to ensure optimisation 
  •     Thinking out the box when it comes to new delivery costs 
  •     Expanding your network through regional acquisitions 

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