Llew Claasen | Executive Director
Bitcoin Foundation

Llew Claasen, Executive Director, Bitcoin Foundation

Llew is the Managing Partner of Newtown Partners, a venture capital firm based in Cape
Town, South Africa, founded by him and Vinny Lingham. Newtown Partners invests in
early stage technology startups in Africa and the US, that show global potenNal.
Llew is also the ExecuNve Director of the Bitcoin FoundaNon, the largest and oldest
Bitcoin advocacy organizaNon globally, headquartered in San Francisco, US. The Bitcoin
FoundaNon coordinates the efforts of the members of the Bitcoin community, helping
to create awareness of the benefits of Bitcoin, how to use it and its related technology
requirements, for technologists, regulators, the media and everyone else globally.
He co-founded Clicks2customers (rebranded to www.nmpidigital.com) with Vinny
Lingham, now a global digital markeNng agency with annual billings in excess of $100
million and Synthasite (rebranded to www.yola.com).
Llew has a Masters degree in the Management of Technology & InnovaNon and lives in
Cape Town, South Africa.


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 15:00

Boosting adoption of blockchain in Africa

  •     Disrupting traditional mechanisms and providing efficacy 
  •     Point-to-point transactions without intermediaries - reducing everyday costs 
  •     Capitalising on external factors to drive change in operating models 
  •     Building trust in blockchain tech 
  •     How quickly are banks changing  

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