Leon Kiptum | Head – Digital & Transaction Banking
Sidian Bank

Leon Kiptum, Head – Digital & Transaction Banking, Sidian Bank

Leon is the Head of Alternate Channels in Family Bank Kenya, leading digital transformation in mobile and online banking as well as roll-out of innovative payment solutions through the bank’s agent network, card business and acquiring channels. He is Chair of the Bank’s Innovation Committee with a specific mandate to churn out solutions that create ease of payment transactions for businesses, corporate entities and institutions and p2p solutions for individuals. His experience in retail banking and SME spans over 10 years across four key players in the industry


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 14:40

Staying competitive in P2P

  •     Forming strong P2P relationships and finding allies 
  •     Monetizing mobile P2P
  •     Differentiating through network architecture, design and costs 
  •     Its all about product distribution
  •     Simple, speedy and in real-time

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