Kenny Matsena | Visual Merchandising Strategist
Timberland South Africa

Kenny Matsena, Visual Merchandising Strategist, Timberland South Africa

Welcome to retail theatre. A domain that promotes the look, feel and culture of my brand.  Visual Merchandising is the “wow” factor that brings together all retail elements and opens up the customer to enjoy the Brand Experience.
Having spent my career in retail, I now have a platform to channel and cultivate my skills. Energy, belief, discipline & passion are the ethos on which my future is built.
I am Kenny Matsena, this is my world, this is what I do.


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 12:00

Formulating your visual merchandising strategy

  •     Taking a tech driven approach 
  •     Shop fronts with personality - Incorporating a story 
  •     How data is helping unlock a new level of merchandising optimisation 
  •     A focus on the 5 senses - Building sensory experiences to drive conversion 
  •     Going digital: Having the flexibility to change with market demands  

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