Jeanine Norden | Head Of Data Management
Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited

Jeanine Norden, Head Of Data Management, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited

Jeanine has extensive business knowledge and has worked across Africa. With a career starting as a Math, Science and Technology high school teacher for mentally challenged children, through gold, platinum and coal mining then making her way through consulting and ending up in the financial industry. With a great passion for innovation and finding better ways to best serve customers, she developed a passion for product development to ensuring the end to end delivery of products to clients that revolutionise the financial and banking market in the wealth banking sector in South Africa. During her master’s degree her thesis also supported her passion to see how to find innovative ways on lending products in financial institutions.

With an ability to visualise a strategic end solution, Jeanine can take the required steps to lead a team to achieve the end goal which is aligned to the strategy. This also ensured that she was awarded the strategic changer as well as multiple innovation awards in FNB Wealth. She was also the only female and youngest person to ever be awarded such a prestigious award and at the same time was the youngest person to serve on the lending EXCO.

Jeanine joined Standard Bank in 2013 and was an integral part to the sub ledger roll-out across Africa, followed by the BCBS 239 implementation for Standard Bank, taking the lead on Data Management for South Africa and the relevant African countries. The start and implementation of Metadata Management in Standard Bank was led by Jeanine.

Jeanine joined MMI Holdings Limited as Head of Data Management to enable the transformation of data as an asset for the group. This includes responsibility for the implementation of the MMI data strategy, which includes the oversight of Momentum, Metropolitan, Guardrisk and Multiply.


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