Honey Ogundeyi | Founder & CEO

Honey Ogundeyi, Founder & CEO, Fashpa.com

Honey Ogundeyi is passionate about using technology to uplift Africa. She is founder of Fashpa.com, Nigeria’s Leading Online Fashion Retailer  and the first fashion technology company in Nigeria.  Honey is an internet and brand management expert with over 10 years leadership experience and has worked across Europe for McKinsey, Ericsson & Europe. She is focused on ecommerce, manufacturing & youth unemployment in the Fashion & Retail space in Africa. She is a graduate from the University of Birmingham.


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 15:20

Smart marketing – the priority of smart social commerce

  •     Using social to make shopping as simple as possible 
  •     Selecting the right implementation strategy 
  •     Tapping into the power of live, shop-able videos 
  •     Chat apps – a new age in engagement 
  •     Reviews and ratings 
  •     Where to from here?

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