Hammad Anwer | CTO

Hammad Anwer, CTO, ekuep.com

A union of technology development with creative thinking, Hammad is the embodiment of two minds in one. His expert technological leadership for the award winning B2B site of the year ekuep.com has won praises from clients and staff alike. Outside of work, he loves reading, go-carting and camping.


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 15:50

Capitalizing Your B2B Business For E-commerce

  •     Going global: thinking bigger and more strategic – where to start
  •     Optimise, automate and scale – the key to success 
  •     Streamlining and automating the sales process 
  •     The sheer speed, scale and simplicity of cloud 
  •     Incorporating big data, IoT and AI
  •     Defining B2B in the future 

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