Send Eddy


Sendeddy is a Web Platform that disintermediates and
disrupts the Logistics sector. We connect Senders and
Transporters and automate Transporters to manage their
drivers. Senders send anything to anyone and select their Transporter through an estimated price or bid. With
Sendeddy you can Fetch and Drop; Pick and Receive, route
your delivery for cost effectiveness; or convenience. We are the last mile, door to door, one to many, many to one and address reverse logistics challenges.
Our Transporters are Logistic Companies, small transport
companies, and crowd sourcing. We are not in competition with Logistics companies, they use us to deliver and to get
business. Our Model addresses hyper-scalability through being fully inclusive of all transport providers.
Through our aggregated technology, we disintermediate
the Sender and disrupt the Logistics sector through pricing and routing. Sendeddy leads with Convenience,
Optimization and Economy of scale, through our routing
and cluster tables.
Sendeddy is an interactive website with transactional
Artificial Intelligence being built in the backend, through
ongoing development we will migrate into full cognitive