4C Group

Exhibitor Stand #36

The 4C Group was incorporated in 2003 and since then have become recognized as leaders in enterprise data and transaction management. We have extensive experience in servicing clients in emerging markets and we distinctly focus on the telecommunication and financial services sectors. Our combination of emerging market experience, in-depth knowledge of the sectors we serve and our advanced technological expertise gives our clients an unassailable competitive advantage.

Our flagship product is the iNSight Platform. It is a complete enterprise information management, business assurance, business systems and ecommerce solution. We presently have 31 iNSight installations across 10 countries in Africa. We manage more than 46 million subscribers’ event data on behalf of our clients, including processing more than 440 billion detail records and in excess of 6 million mobile money transactions every day.

At the heart of 4C Group’s e-commerce division is the iNSight Payment Gateway (iPG). It is an incredibly flexible solution that features integrated capabilities to switch both financial and non-financial transactions. As such it can be deployed as a conventional payment gateway or as an orchestration engine that manages complex workflows and processes.

The iNSight Payment Gateway is a secure solution that is trusted by banks, insurers and mobile network operators across emerging markets. It features a wide range of supplementary functionality that serves to enhance revenue generation and return on investment.

iNSight Payment Gateway’s continued growth is aligned with the increasing demand for business-to-business, consumer-to-business, business-to-consumer and peer-to-peer mobile commerce. 4C Group is the trusted partner for ecommerce in emerging markets. Contact us today to join the ecommerce revolution.