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Tor Alvik | Technical Director
Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) | Norway

Tor Alvik, Technical Director, Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi)

Grand Designs - Identity in Action - Day 1
"Borderless access to digital services in the Nordics"

The Nordic-Baltic region is well-positioned to show the way for digitalization of Europe. The Nordic council of ministers has established the MR-digital which will promote a cohesive and integrated digital Nordic region. 
A mature eID infrastructure and high-quality base registers lay the basis for access to services and flow of information cross-border in the region. The cross-border use of eID can be the single most important measure in making day-to-day life easier for the region’s residents when dealing with another Nordic-Baltic country. 
The Nordic-Baltic eID project (NOBID) sets out “[…] to enable unique identity number usage across borders and to facilitate cooperation between national infrastructures for the use of electronic authentication (eID) in accordance with the eIDAS-regulation […]” as set out in the declaration from MR. Digital.
Based on the eIDAS regulation this project investigates services where Nordic and Baltic citizens could benefit from cross-border eID interoperability and takes initiatives to the removal of legal barriers and the establishment of technical solutions.

Tor Alvik works at the Agency for Public Management and e-Government (Difi) in Norway. He has been involved in the development of public sector e-ID solutions since 2005. He has been responsible for the development, management, and operation of the Norwegian ID-gateway and MinID solution. 
Today, Alvik is responsible for the strategic development of e-ID in Norway in the public sector. Presently he is the project manager of a Nordic-Baltic eID Project involving eight Nordic and Baltic countries. The introduction of the eIDAS regulation and cross-border authentication mechanisms are central to this.


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