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Tony Murray | National Protect And Prevent Officer For Economic Fraud And Crime
City of London Police | United Kingdom

Tony Murray, National Protect And Prevent Officer For Economic Fraud And Crime, City of London Police

Digital:ID - Day 2: Combating Digital ID Fraud
"Identity - a precious commodity, a tool for harm, a reason to protect"
Fraud and cybercrime accounts for half of all UK crime whilst funding other serious crimes including modern day slavery, child sexual exploitation and terrorism. Tony takes a look at how we can identify and protect from fraud & cybercrime, the role identity plays in the emotional, physical and financial harm caused and the further funding of crime. He combines nationally consistent messaging, knowledge and passion to connect, raise awareness and protect all. Tony believes that fraud and cybercrime is a public health issue that requires a whole society response. Tony promotes a system that empowers businesses, individuals and communities to identify the key routes fraudsters use to target them, encourages behavioural change and informs how to defend against fraudulent approaches to assist in negating the power identity has when in criminal hands. He also provides a communication initiative that furthers the reach of messaging, beyond just the traditional first generation reach, which helps reduce harm whilst also disrupting criminals. Tony will talk about how a small change in behaviour can make a big difference.

Tony Murray is the National Fraud Protect Officer seconded to the City of London Police National Co-Ordinators Office. A Police Officer and qualified Fraud and Financial Investigator, a National Trading Standards ‘Friends Against Scams’ ‘ScamBassador’ and award-winning fraud & cybercrime expert. Tony delivers on a number of National Economic Crime Training Courses, has communicated prevention advice via TV, online articles, newspapers and radio and works to protect and empower communities to reduce the harm caused by fraud & cybercrime. Tony is passionate about partnership work and believes that TOGETHER we CAN protect many.


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