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Tony Dean | Director
Tony Dean Consulting Limited | United Kingdom

Tony Dean, Director, Tony Dean Consulting Limited

Tony Dean served with the UK Immigration Service for 10 years, five of which were in the National Document Fraud Unit (NDFU) as an advisor to UK Government departments on document security. In 2005 he joined the UK Passport Office to take responsibility for the design and introduction of new identity documents of the United Kingdom, leaving in 2013 to join De La Rue and work within their identity management business providing technical support to new passport and identity projects. 
In 2018 he left De La Rue and set up his own business offering consultancy services to international governments, NGOs and the private sector.  He is a member of the ISO SC17 Working Group 3, and ICAO’s NTWG and ICBWG. 


Day 1 @ 10:55

Building Effective Identity Foundations

For credentials to be secure not only does the document itself need to be of high quality but there needs to be systems to ensure only the right people are gaining access to them. This session will explore how we can provide everyone with a legal identity while also making sure only those with rights to those identity documents can access them.

Day 1 @ 12:10

Panel Discussion - Getting Identity Ecosystems 'Right'

Day 2 @ 10:10

Document Authentication - Emerging Concepts

In the age of increasingly realistic fakes the need to properly authenticate a document has never been stronger. Join our authentication experts as we unpack the latest concepts in this exciting space.
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