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Sylvie Vandevelde | Head Of Marketing And Communication
Belgian Mobile ID | Belgium

Sylvie Vandevelde, Head Of Marketing And Communication, Belgian Mobile ID

From taking care of customer experience in real life to Design Thinking and UX in a digital world, for Sylvie Vandevelde, Head of Marketing & Communication at Belgian Mobile ID, the customer-user-citizen needs to be at the heart of the solution. Thanks to technology and innovation, we have the opportunity today to be in the driving seat of our digital us.

Belgian Mobile ID is a consortium of Belgium's leading banks and mobile network operators who have joined together to create the Belgian reference for mobile identity and digital privacy.


Day 2 @ 11:30

Intergovernmental Identity Panel (Taking place in the Digital:ID Conference Room)

A select group of representatives will discuss their nation’s identity framework, the issues they’ve faced and how they have overcome them. The Panel will provide a unique cross reference of innovative biometric and digital identity solutions from a wide range of international governments.
last published: 17/Jun/19 13:35 GMT

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