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Steve Gorman | Senior Sales Specialist
IDEMIA | United Kingdom

Steve Gorman, Senior Sales Specialist, IDEMIA

Planet Biometrics - Day 1:  Biometrics for Public Security: Performance, Practice and Ethics
"Video Analytics for enhanced public security"

  • Video Analytics: Myths vs Reality
  • How can facial recognition and video analytics enhance security and improve efficiency.
  • Technology in use and its successes

For over 25 years Steve Gorman has been working in and with Secure Government Agencies around the world. Initially starting in Humberside Police before working for a number of technology companies supplying intelligence and biometric solutions. Steve has worked on a number of recent biometric projects and programmes and has extensive knowledge on how this technology can enhance our safety and security. In his current role at IDEMIA, the leader in Augmented Identity, Steve serves as a sales specialist, supporting his clients with the implementation of sophisticated Video Analytics solutions.


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