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Sabah Jassim | Head of Applied Computing Department
University of Buckingham | United Kingdom

Sabah Jassim, Head of Applied Computing Department, University of Buckingham

Planet Biometrics - Day 3: Keeping up with the Fraudsters: Advances in Presentation Attack Detection
"Detection of Morphing Attacks on Face Biometric using Persistent Homology

Sabah Jassim has a BSc and an MSc from Baghdad University and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Wales. He is Professor of Mathematics. He is also a visiting lecturer at City University, London, and Fachhochschule Wedel, Germany.

He is Professor of Mathematics and Computation and teaches various courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. These include Image Processing, Mathematics and Algorithms. He also supervises research students in the areas of Biometrics – Authentication, Biomedical Image Analysis and Dynamic Encryption.


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