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Rachelle Sellung | Senior Scientist
University of Stuttgart / Fraunhofer IAO | Germany

Rachelle Sellung, Senior Scientist, University of Stuttgart / Fraunhofer IAO

Knowledge Theatre 1 - Day 3
"Cross-Border Trust Infrastructures: What the LIGHTest Tool has to Offer"

LIGHTest is a Horizon2020 Research Project funded by the EU. The objective of LIGHTestis to create a global cross-domain trust infrastructure that renders it transparent and easy for verifiers to evaluate electronic transactions. By querying different trust authorities world-wide and combining trust aspects related to identity, business, reputation etc. it will become possible to conduct domain-specific trust decisions.

Rachelle Sellung is a Senior Scientist in the competence team of Identity Management at the University of Stuttgart / Fraunhofer IAO. Within this interdisciplinary team with an array of skill sets, she provides the Economic perspective for not only Identity Management, but a variety of IT Security related technologies. She contributed a socio-economic perspective in the large scale EU FP7 project FutureID, which developed an identity management infrastructure for Europe. Specifically, it considered the integration of existing eID technology, trust infrastructures, federated identity management services. Currently, she is the lead for the University of Stuttgart in the EU Horizon2020 project, LIGHTest, which seeks to create a global cross-domain trust infrastructure that is transparent and makes it easier for verifiers to evaluate electronic transactions. Rachelle Sellung has achieved a Master’s of Science in Economics at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. As well as, a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing at the University of Mississippi in the USA.


Day 1 @ 17:10

Panel Discussion - International Interoperability of Identity

Day 2 @ 11:30

Enhancing Trust in Financial Transactions

Innovative initiatives on creating trust frameworks forverifiers to evaluate transactions and for consumers to develop their own digital identity for financial transactions.
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