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Piret Hirv | Head Of Health Technology Division
Connected Health Cluster | Estonia

Piret Hirv, Head Of Health Technology Division, Connected Health Cluster

Knowledge Theatre 1 - Day 2: Identity in Healthcare
"How to Deliver the Promise of eHealth in a Changing Environment - 'The Estonian Way'"
e-Estonia and digitalization of healthcare services is a unique story that grew out of a partnership between a forward-thinking government, pro-active IT sector and a switched-on, tech-savvy population. Estonia has created its own path to discover how to provide services in a form that did not exist yet and which should be available to everyone 24/7. Three numbers will give you a picture of where Estonia is today - Estonia is probably the only country in the world where 99% of the public services are available online, also  99% of prescriptions are digital and 100% of citizens have an electronic health record. Practically everything is digitized in Estonia already with a few interesting omissions, such as marriage or divorce. Our secret weapons (instead of metal) stand in the information society.

Presentation will give an insight into 
- building Estonian digital ecosystem and identification as one of the key elements
- nationwide e-health services in Estonia: main principles
- future visions and challenges in implementing innovation in healthcare

Piret Hirv, MA is currently working as a health technology division manager at the Science Park Tehnopol. Tehnopol is partner with various international health technology networks, which allows companies to find a suitable development partners and customers, also developing healthcare services through the implementation of connected health solutions.  

Until February 2018 Piret has worked as an advisor for E-services and Innovation at the Ministry of Social Affairs in Estonia supporting the digital transformation and innovation of social security area in Estonia, including health, labor and social matters. Ms. Hirv was also developing and implementing successful Estonian EU Presidency eHealth policy program and was acting as a liaison officer for international organizations and networks coordinating cross-border healthcare-service activities. 
In 2017 she graduated from Tallinn University of Technology specializing on healthcare technology. Ms. Hirv has earlier background in medicine as a nurse, also degree in business management, communications and public relations.

Before the position at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ms. Hirv has fifteen years of work experience in pharmaceutical industry, marketing entrepreneur, and long-term experience as CEO of lobby and advocacy organization specialized in development cooperation.


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