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Pierre Scaglia | Global Segment Manager, Secure Credentials
PPG Industries | France

Pierre Scaglia, Global Segment Manager, Secure Credentials, PPG Industries

Security Document World - Day 3: Security Documents: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
"Innovation for eMRTD security – Next generation RF Shielding Solutions"

Pierre Scaglia, PPG Global Segment Manager, TESLIN® substrate is responsible for the secure credentials market including e-passports, government IDs and certificates programs. Previously, Scaglia led PPG’s commercial development of TESLIN substrate in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region for 15 years where he gained widespread experience in commercial printing, labeling, packaging and identification. He graduated from Paris X University with a degree in Applied Foreign Languages, earned a Master’s degree in European Management Strategy from Staffordshire University (UK), and has post-graduate degree in International Trade from Lille I University.


Day 3 @ 11:10

Security Documents: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Secure documents need to stand the test of time, from both a fraud perspective and as society becomes ever more digital. What secure features are being introduced today, and how will secure documents remain relevant in the digital and virtual world of the future.
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