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Neil Akass | Service Manager And Product Owner
DVLA UK | United Kingdom

Neil Akass, Service Manager And Product Owner, DVLA UK

Security Document World - Day 3: Driving Licences: The Road Ahead
"Driving digital motoring services"

Neil will provide an overview of the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA) suite of enquiry services used by 20 million motorists and thousands of businesses each year. He will illustrate the evolution of the service from its beginnings in 2014 through to a brand new service bringing driving licence details to mobile phones.  
Neil will show: how the new service was born out of user needs and customer feedback; how DVLA engaged with different user groups to develop a prototype; and tested it with difference users before launch.  He will also cover how users authenticate themselves to use the service before going to consider the future evolution of the service.

Neil Akass is a Service Designer at the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). He manages the agency’s suite of digital driving licensing enquiry services, which provide motorists with a 24 hours online facility to check their driving licence details and share that information with trusted third parties and for those third parties to check those details for services like car hire and employment checks. Neil recently launched a new digital service, which allows users to share their driving licence details securely via QR codes on their mobile phone. 
Neil has been active in the field of international driving licence developments for many years and is a member of ISO SC17 WG10. 


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