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Jon Shamah | Chair
EEMA | United Kingdom

Jon Shamah, Chair, EEMA

Jon Shamah is the Chair of EEMA, the European identity and trust think-tank. 
Jon is a graduate of Southampton University, specialising in Aeronautics & Astronautics, and is a Digital Identity & Trust Subject Matter Expert, specialising in maximising the technology and operational value chain of very large scale eID schemes and national eID programmes. In 2017 Jon was listed in the One World Top 100 Leaders in Identity. 
He is a frequent public speaker on issues surrounding Identity and Trust and facilitated the ministerial eID workshop in Poznan, Poland which directly led to the eIDAS, Trust Services regulations. 
Jon has commercial experience working for organisations such as Hitachi, McDonnel Douglas, and Thales. 
Jon was a long-term consultant on eID issues to the Nordic Banking and Payments Consortium, NETS, and contributes to European Programs such as SSEDIC, STORK2.0, ATTPS, FutureID, FutureTrust , LIGHTest, and LOCARD. He works with leading organisations such as ENISA on both eID and CyberSecurity standards and advises a number of governments on eID strategy and policy.
Jon is former co-chairman of ITU-T, SG17, Joint Coordination for Identity, and is a member of the Advisory Board of a number of European organisations and projects. 


Day 2 @ 10:10

Identity in Healthcare

Identity is an increasingly significant aspect of daily life and access to or providing healthcare is no different. Join a selection of expert speakers to discuss the trends and development of this exciting space.

Day 2 @ 11:30

Enhancing Trust in Financial Transactions

Innovative initiatives on creating trust frameworks forverifiers to evaluate transactions and for consumers to develop their own digital identity for financial transactions.

Day 2 @ 13:40

Blockchain - Self-Sovereign Identity

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technology have made big breakthroughs in the finance sector. Yet it is still a relatively new area for identity. Our blockchain exports will unpack this exciting technology and explore what DLT can do for secure identity solutions.

Day 3 @ 11:10

Next Generation Digital Identity Initiatives

Presentations looking at innovative and cutting-edge initiatives around digital identity in the UK.
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