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Jean Salomon | Chief Executive Officer
European Association for Biometrics | France

Jean Salomon, Chief Executive Officer, European Association for Biometrics

Planet Biometrics 2019 Conference Chair


Jean Salomon joined IBM France after his Ph.D, and devoted 10 years to Medical Imaging, both in clinical R&D and Product Management overseas.

He spent part of his career years with IER, a world leader in the Transportation Industry equipment manufacturing, enhancing and securing passenger and goods flows across airports, with special emphasis on border management processes, software and technologies.

Since 2008 Jean is the Principal of JSCP, a consulting practice solely dedicated to Travel and Border Security, reassessing emerging Digital Identity Management processes.
As ISO expert, he is an active member of ICAO’s NTWG and ICBWG, focusing on ID- and IT-related components of Integrated Border Management Systems, including harmonization of Biometrics and breeder documents (WG3, TC224/WG18-WG19).

Jean took part in several ICAO field assessment missions on Civil Registration in Africa. He was Co-chair of the Advisory Board of the E.U. FIDELITY Project, and a reviewer of several FP7 and H2020 projects. He is a frequent speaker and moderator in large international Transportation Industry Security and Facilitation fora.
In May 2019 Jean became the CEO of EAB, the European Association for Biometrics.


Day 1 @ 10:55

Biometrics: The Heart of Seamless Travel?

As the rate of international journeys continues to rise exponentially, biometrics can offer tremendous potential to alleviate passenger congestion and strengthen security screening. Discover the ambitious projects and technological innovations transforming the future of global seamless travel.

Day 1 @ 11:55

Panel Discussion - Envisioning the Airport of the Future

Day 2 @ 08:45

Planet Biometrics Keynote Session

A series of speeches with the industry leading Planet Biometrics Keynotes.

Day 2 @ 14:25

Securing Identity at the Border

Agencies tasked with securing identity at the border face a complex challenge in an ever-changing and increasingly digital world. This session will explore how developments such as Biometric entry/exit, eGates and other innovations, will play a key role in working towards stronger and smarter borders.

Day 2 @ 15:10

Panel Discussion - Biometrics at the Border: Advancing Mobility, Enhancing Security

Day 3 @ 09:00

Planet Biometrics Keynote Session

A series of speeches with the industry leading Planet Biometrics Keynotes.
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