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Ian Lancaster | Associate
Reconnaissance International | United Kingdom

Ian Lancaster, Associate, Reconnaissance International

Security Document World - Day 3: Security Documents: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
"The Case for Physical and Digital in Tandem"

Ian will examine and compare the requirements and experience of identity protection in the world of physical cards and passports and the world of smartphones. Why does IATA embrace the concept of "OneID" – everything a traveller needs stored on or accessible from their smartphone – while ICAO and its members remain wedded to the examination of physical documents? What are the strengths and weaknesses, the conveniences and threats, of the two approaches and can the digital and physical be work together to give the best of both worlds? Can the digital sector draw on the 1000 years of experience in combating counterfeits on paper?

Co-founder and Managing Director of Reconnaissance International for 25 years, editing newsletters, researching and writing studies and reports and conference director. Chairman of the Optical Document Security Conference, Co-Chairman of the Digital Document Security Conference. Project Leader for ISO 22382 "tax stamps" (pub Oct 2018), contributor to ISO 14298 (security print and foil production) and ISO 12931 on authentication solutions' performance.


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