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Fiona Penollar | Director
Passport Service, Ireland | Ireland

Fiona Penollar, Director, Passport Service, Ireland

Grand Designs - Identity in Action - Day 1
"Irish Passport Service - next step on the journey of innovation and reform"
Fiona Penollar will discuss the expansion of the Passport Online service to children, the introduction of a newly designed consent form for the online channel, the challenges this entailed, the key priorities and considerations that were taken into account when creating the form. The online service website is accessible to all citizens irrespective of their geographical location, easy to navigate and delivers considerable efficiencies to our citizen in terms of improved turnaround times.  This provides an excellent user experience for the customer. Furthermore she will discuss how the Passport service has refined the future model of Passport Service going forward so it meets its objectives and ensure that staff can continue to effectively execute new and improved processes, systems and ways of working. 

Fiona Penollar was appointed as Director of the Irish Passport Service in October 2017. She has served in the Passport Service since 2012, including as Head of Passport Reform.  
In her time in the Passport Service she has overseen the launch and design of a new passport, awarded id document of the year 2013,  the launch of the passport card and the associated online application process and introduced online passport applications for both children and adults.
She has served in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade since 1999, notably as chair of a number of EU Council Working Groups, Deputy Director for Programme Countries for Irish Aid, and Deputy Consul General in San Francisco. Fiona holds a Bachelor of Arts from NUI Galway and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations.


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