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Dieter Klawunder | Chief Executive Officer
MODI GmbH | Germany

Dieter Klawunder, Chief Executive Officer, MODI GmbH

Security Document World - Day 2: Efficient, Secure and Effective Border Checkpoints
"My face is my passport" 
Thanks to biometric face recognition, a paperless airport without passport and boarding pass, border crossing without manual control came true already at different airports all over the world.
No question the biometric technology is a big step not only with the background of security but also for a more comfortable travel experience. 
What can be done already today and how realistic is the vision for the future.
The quality of biometric algorithms had raised into a level of an outstanding performance which is a perfect basis to use the face for a high secured identity check instead of ID documents and a manual control. Even 1:n identification combined with pre enrolment and multiple ID Touchpoints works with a false acceptance rate of < 0,01%. 
All over all, the technology is ready for a biometric improvement in the different areas but where is still room for improvement?
-    Clear statements to eliminate the fear that the data protection requirements have not been met.
-    The usability needs a lot of improvement
-    More technical equipment like gates, kiosks, etc. which is really optimized for biometric operation to reach a maximum of performance.
The presentation points out how to overcome these last issues.

Dieter Klawunder is the founder and the CEO of MODI GmbH, a German company that has been known worldwide for more than 20 years in the field of industrial image processing and biometric personal recognition.

With more than 20 years of experience in the area of ​​camera-based identification, Dieter Klawunder is regarded as a leading specialist in the field of biometric face identification. Not only with the vision of "Paperless Airport", Dieter Klawunder meets the spirit of the time.

Check-in terminals, automated baggage delivery points, security gates or secure high-security zones are areas where MODI technology is already used reliably in more than 20 countries worldwide.


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