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Diane Joyce | Technology Owner - Identity Services
Post Office UK | United Kingdom

Diane Joyce, Technology Owner - Identity Services, Post Office UK

Diane has provided thought leadership, vision and innovation in the digital transformation of financial institutions.  Diane has worked with blue chip corporations to implement the technology and service architectures required to become certified identity providers as part of the GOV.UK Verify identity scheme. Diane has worked with government departments setting up a pan government identity community and worked with leading IDAM vendors to address the need for secure and scalable identity federation to enable collaboration between public and private sector organisations.  Diane champions technology innovation to provide users with a frictionless and safe digital experience.  

Diane is Technology Owner for Post Office Identity Services which provides a user centric personal identity experience and provides authentication and assurance services to public and private sector organisations.


Day 3 @ 14:15

Panel Discussion: Leaving No one Behind: The Worldwide Identity Revolution

Throughout the conference many different technologies, applications and solutions have been discussed around digital identity. The closing session of Digital:ID 2019 asks what is being done today in the identity sphere to improve lives while also looking forward to see what can be done to leverage digital identity to make the world a better place for all.
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