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Colin Wallis | Executive Director
Kantara Initiative | United Kingdom

Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative

Colin is the Executive Director of the Kantara Initiative, the global ‘commons’ non-profit consortium passionate about giving control of personal data back to people, through industry innovation, standardization and good practice. Attracting established and emerging organizations, governments and individuals to its open collaborative ethos, Kantara operates Trust Frameworks to assess and assure digital identity and privacy solution service providers and is the home of 2 open specifications selected in the top 5 trends for 2018 - Kantara UMA, the OAuth extension for user-controlled delegation, and Kantara Consent Receipt.  Colin's combined public and private sector background in online identity and privacy builds on 15 years of contribution to international standards and consortia, Colin maintains leadership positions in OECD ITAC and ISO SC27 in topics around digital Trust, Privacy and Identity.


Day 1 @ 11:55

Panel Discussion - Managing Data and Trust - The Principles of 'Good Identity'

Digital identities are set to change how we interact with the world around us from the government to local stores and social media. This track will explore how we can gain the positives of digital identities while also making sure our data and privacy are secure and what it takes to make digital identities ‘good’.

Day 1 @ 15:35

Myth Busting with ID Crowd & Friends

Since the days of our early ancestors, new frontiers have always been associated with myths, be them dragons, demons or wizards. The world of digital identy is no different, our twitter timelines are full jargon, acronyms and confusing terminology. Much of this is helpful but once in a while a misinformed opinion can take root and spread around the world before the facts have had a chance to get their boots on. ID Crowd & friends will debunk common myths and misunderstandings by exploring misconceptions with reference to actual scenarios taken from experiences delivering digital identity in the real world.

Day 2 @ 10:10

Combating Digital Identity Fraud

Online identity fraud is set to be a major security challenge in the 21st century. Eight out of ten fraudulent identities are already created online, and this number is only set to increase. Hear world leaders discuss how we can combat fraudulent online identities at every stage.

Day 2 @ 11:30

Intergovernmental Identity Panel (Taking place in the Digital:ID Conference Room)

A select group of representatives will discuss their nation’s identity framework, the issues they’ve faced and how they have overcome them. The Panel will provide a unique cross reference of innovative biometric and digital identity solutions from a wide range of international governments.

Day 2 @ 14:25

Robust Authentication in a Digital World

A secure digital identity needs a robust authentication and verification system to back it up. Join cyber security experts to see the latest developments in authentication and verification systems for online digital identities.

Day 2 @ 15:20

Panel Discussion - Next Steps for Secure Authentication and Verification Online

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