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Cheryl Stevens | Deputy Director, Identity And Trust
Department for Work & Pensions | United Kingdom

Cheryl Stevens, Deputy Director, Identity And Trust, Department for Work & Pensions

Digital:ID - Day 1: Managing secure & reliable e-government solutions
"DWP Digital: Building a Suite of Identity and Trust Capabilities"

As the largest Government Department, DWP serves a diverse range of customers with complex needs and expectations. We are exploring Identity & Trust capabilities to enable our full range of services to be both secure and proportionate to customer identity and actions.

Cheryl joined the Civil Service in 1999 and has held a variety of leadership posts since with a career focus on leading operational service design and transformational change. Cheryl has led a number of successful programmes focussed on preventing fraud & error in both HMRC and DWP. Most recently Cheryl’s passion for fraud and error prevention, with a particular focus on proportionate and accessible digital Identity & Trust, has seen her become a key influencer. Cheryl believes that digital services should be accessible to all and that digital Identity & Trust are key enabling components in that accessibility.


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