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Charlotte Jacoby | Head Of Division
Agency for Digitisation, Denmark | Denmark

Charlotte Jacoby, Head Of Division, Agency for Digitisation, Denmark

Grand Designs - Identity in Action - Day 1
"Building on a great success: The history and development of the Danish eID-infrastructure" 

In 2018 Denmark was ranked number one within the area of E-government. The report conducted by the UN emphasizes that the Danish ranking is based on a good balance of effective digitization within the public sector and the individual citizen’s opportunity to receive help.
Building on a solid foundation with NemID, the current Danish eID solution, the Danish digital infrastructure will in the following years undergo a transformation with the development of the future eID solution, MitID. 
With the development of the next generation of Danish digital infrastructure, the goal is to enable the eID solution to constantly balance the users’ needs and follow the rapid technological development while ensuring trustworthy and secure systems. 
Charlotte Jacoby, Head of Division at the Danish Agency for Digitization, will take you through the history and development of the Danish eID infrastructure, including recapping on successes and learnings along the way. Finally, Charlotte will lay out the visions and goals for the future infrastructure that has just been tendered and is being developed at the moment, hopefully securing that Denmark is able to maintain the position as digital front runner in the future. 

Charlotte Jacoby is Head of division at Center for Digital Infrastructure Development at the Danish Agency for Digitisation under the Danish Ministry of Finance. Charlotte has a long and broad experience with IT security and in particular development and implementation of the national digital eID and e-signature infrastructure. In 2003, Charlotte was part of development and implementation of the first public national PKI infrastructure in Denmark. In 2010 she was leading the development and implementation of the next generation of the public eID and digital signature infrastructure, NemID.  

NemID has become national critical infrastructure as foundation for public digitisation and government as well as digitisation in the private sector. Charlotte is now Head of division and responsible for the procurement, development and implementation of the third generation of the national eID and digital infrastructure, MitID and NemLogin. Charlotte has a master’s degree in law from the University of Copenhagen.


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