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Charlie Miller | Document Intelligence Officer
National Document Fraud Unit | United Kingdom

Charlie Miller, Document Intelligence Officer, National Document Fraud Unit

Security Document World - Day 2: Keynote Session
"Black and White Is the New Colour"

This presentation will show some recent developments in forgeries / counterfeits of secure documents displaying both simple and complex features where the counterfeiter has produced documents that may well induce the first line examiner or layperson to overestimate their abilities.  
Secure documents are now a testament to the design, inventiveness, ingenuity and application of the security industry.  But is it an “arms race” within the security industry? Are some security features developing beyond the comprehension of the lay person? Can that complex but constantly and confidently verifiable feature be brought to the masses?  This argument is not a new one.  Perception is all – especially for the end user who needs to sift the genuine from the false.

Charlie is a specialist document intelligence officer attached to the National Document Fraud Unit of the Home Office.  He has worked with travel and identity documents since 1980 and has worked in the document forensic environment since 1990.  In addition to the examination of identity and travel documents coupled with the provision of evidential statements, he has trained a variety of audiences both national and international, on aspects of document security and the detection of forgeries, coupled with document design / security issues.  He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Identity Document Examination from the University of Strathclyde.


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