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Catherine Schulten | Vice President Product Management
LifeMed ID | United States

Catherine Schulten, Vice President Product Management, LifeMed ID

Knowledge Theatre 1 - Day 2: Identity in Healthcare
"KYP: Know Your Patient and Why It Matters"

If banking has KYC (know your customer) why doesn’t healthcare have KYP (know your patient)?  Patient identification errors have been a known weakness for years and because of misidentification there are recognized, harmful outcomes.  It has been extrapolated that 160,000 adverse events per year result from misidentification of patients' laboratory specimens alone.  An adverse event is defined as injury or death.
During this session we will review the causes of misidentification and observed outcomes.  How patient identity is being addressed.  And finally, an overview of some of the more promising efforts to promote a stronger, more resilient patient identity design.

Catherine Schulten is VP of Product Management at LifeMed ID where she is responsible for orchestrating product roadmap initiatives and ensuring that LifeMed ID’s solution offering meets industry user needs. 

She actively participates in the Kantara Health Care Workgroup, OpenID HEART group and the IDPro professional association. She contributes to various industry initiatives such as the Pew initiative to improve patient record matching across electronic health records and the RAND research on advancing a nationwide patient matching strategy.

Catherine has over 25 years of health information technology experience addressing industry challenges from revenue cycle, HIPAA requirements, fraud, waste and abuse, and patient identity management. 
Catherine earned a B.S. in Marketing Management at Virginia Tech.


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