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Catherine Fankhauser | Sales Director Iss
SICPA SA | Switzerland

Catherine Fankhauser, Sales Director Iss, SICPA SA

Digital:ID - Day 1: Policy, Practice and Technology: Implementing Transformative Identity
"Enabling trust through secure identity"

In less than a decade the smartphone has changed our world. One-third of people on the planet
now own one: a personal computing platform at our finger tips, millions of times more powerful
than all of NASA’s combined computing fifty years ago. Mobile apps now account for more than
a third of digital commerce and organizations focused on digital identity are already tapping into
this growth.
In this rapidly-evolving technological field, what are the success factors for good digital ID?
Number one is people-focused digital ID development reflecting long-term social values: high
levels of assurance to individuals, inclusivity and utility for all. Good digital ID should also respect
legacy systems and the co-existence of the physical and digital over time. At the heart of good
digital ID is the role of government as the guardian of rules and regulations, facilitating and
enabling trust, in collaboration with citizens and partner organizations on the path to a truly digital

After a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry, a Master of Science in cellular biology and a PhD in organic chemistry, Cathy debuted her career in pharmaceuticals.
In 2002, she joined SICPA as organic chemist, designing and synthesising security ink elements, and was promoted to Solution Laboratory Manager where she was involved in the
customisation of security solutions, track & trace projects and analysis of suspicious items.
Her SICPA career took a new direction in 2008, when she took up the sales development positions – first as Technical Sales Manager and then as Sales Director for security documents
inks in 2010. Since 2019, she has been appointed Director, responsible for the strategic business development of SICPA Identity Security Solutions.


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