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Bianca Lopes | CEO
Talle | Spain

Bianca Lopes, CEO, Talle

Digital:ID - Day 2: Combating Digital identity Fraud
"Son of a Breach"
Data and digital identity attributes, as we navigate in a connected world, and what is the role of fraud and security. 

Naturally curious. Fascinated by humans, Bianca is a Serial Entrepreneur. A Global Speaker and Strategy Consultant, specialised in the intersection between humans & tech. Expert in identity and data consultancy, and content services to the largest enterprises in the world. A native Brazilian and proud Canadian, she speaks multiple languages, has degrees in Finance and Political Science and a Masters in Mathematics.
As a millennial, who worked in a long list of male dominated industries, from a painting business to RBC to selling her first SaaS company to one of the largest grocery retailers, all before turning 30. Bianca’s entrepreneurial approach has earned her recent accolades as a 2017 Top 40 Digital Influencer in Finance by Thomson Reuters and a 2018 Top 100 Identity Influencer by OWI.
Her mantra: Change is the only constant.


Day 1 @ 16:15

Managing Secure & Reliable e-Government Solutions

This session will be focused on different digital identity ecosystems and how these systems are linking citizens with important services. The speakers will explore how digital identities can be used for services such as healthcare and how government bodies and private companies can work together.

Day 1 @ 17:10

Panel Discussion - International Interoperability of Identity

Day 2 @ 10:10

Combating Digital Identity Fraud

Online identity fraud is set to be a major security challenge in the 21st century. Eight out of ten fraudulent identities are already created online, and this number is only set to increase. Hear world leaders discuss how we can combat fraudulent online identities at every stage.
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