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Bianca Lopes | CEO
Talle | Spain

Bianca Lopes, CEO, Talle

Digital:ID - Day 2: Combating Digital identity Fraud
"Son of a Breach"
Data and digital identity attributes, as we navigate in a connected world, and what is the role of fraud and security. 

Naturally curious. Fascinated by humans, Bianca is a Serial Entrepreneur. A Global Speaker and Strategy Consultant, specialised in the intersection between humans & tech. Expert in identity and data consultancy, and content services to the largest enterprises in the world. A native Brazilian and proud Canadian, she speaks multiple languages, has degrees in Finance and Political Science and a Masters in Mathematics.
As a millennial, who worked in a long list of male dominated industries, from a painting business to RBC to selling her first SaaS company to one of the largest grocery retailers, all before turning 30. Bianca’s entrepreneurial approach has earned her recent accolades as a 2017 Top 40 Digital Influencer in Finance by Thomson Reuters and a 2018 Top 100 Identity Influencer by OWI.
Her mantra: Change is the only constant.


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