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Anthony Stout | Manager - Evve Products And Services
NAPHSIS | United States

Anthony Stout, Manager - Evve Products And Services, NAPHSIS

Knowledge Theatre 1 - Day 2: Identity in Healthcare
"U.S. Government Establishing Identity through EVVE"
Take a journey through the backroads of U.S. government identity verification processes. An increasing number of government agencies are strengthening their identity ecosystems with the addition of the EVVE (Electronic Verification of Vital Events) system. EVVE allows government agencies to link directly to the nation’s birth certificate databases, and establish identity from the source. The EVVE system will be show in detail and it’s capabilities demonstrated. 

Anthony Stout works with the national nonprofit association NAPHSIS as the EVVE Program Manager which includes the EVVE system and the EVVE Fact of Death system. Anthony is responsible for ensuring that these systems reduce fraud, securely verify identities, and eliminate waste across a variety of industries and government agencies. He has a background in the healthcare industry in population health, system as a service product management, and healthcare marketing. He resides in Dallas, Texas.


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