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Andreas Wolf | Editor, Iso/Iec 39794-5
International Organization For Standardization

Andreas Wolf, Editor, Iso/Iec 39794-5, International Organization For Standardization

During the last few years, some ISO/IEC JTC 1 standardization groups together with ICAO developed new requirements to portraits for MRTDs, and a new biometric data format is now available as well. The ICAO Portrait Quality TR is meanwhile considered to be the "gold quality standard" for facial images, and the recently published ISO/IEC 39794-5 translates it into the world of ISO standards. The parts of ISO/IEC 39794 define data formats for face and finger (and other modalities in the future), and now these data formats are extendable for the first time. That is, future changes in the contained data elements will not impact the interoperability among the MRTDs in the field and the inspection systems. Furthermore, many new data elements can be encoded now, improving data quality and reducing potential fraud.
Now the standards are published, and the transition starts. What has to be done now? By whom? Until when? 
As the biometric portion of the international passport system is updated now, some more improvements are possible as well, again, without harm for interoperability. The talk finishes with an outlook on such potential improvements.

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