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Alex Puig | Founder And Chief Technology Officer
Caelum Labs | Spain

Alex Puig, Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Caelum Labs

Knowledge Theatre 1 - Day 2: Blockchain and Identity Session
"How Self-Sovereign Identity Over Blockchain can Totally Change our Idea of Identity"
Discover a new way of understanding and manage identities using decentralized technologies
•    Decentralised technologies like Blockchain allow new models for identification
•    With Self-sovereign identity the owner of the identity has more control over his information
•    In a business level Self-sovereign identities systems allow different actors to spend less in KYC and develop activities with less friction.

Alex Puig is a software R+D engineer and tech entrepreneur. Due to his interest in cryptocurrencies, he founded Digital Currency Summit, a conference aiming to debate about the economic impact of blockchain and decentralized technologies in our society. 
His areas of interest are Blockchain, DAG, Self Sovereign IDs, Zero Knowledge Proof and Tokenomics.

He also founded Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem, the first National Wide semi-public blockchain Platform, and now is leading the Technical Team at Caelum Labs, a Blockchain consultancy and development firm based in Barcelona.


Day 2 @ 13:40

Blockchain - Self-Sovereign Identity

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technology have made big breakthroughs in the finance sector. Yet it is still a relatively new area for identity. Our blockchain exports will unpack this exciting technology and explore what DLT can do for secure identity solutions.

Day 3 @ 09:55

Panel Discussion - Does Blockchain have a Future in Identity

If there was one word to summarise technology trends over the last year ‘blockchain’ would be in the running. From its proving ground in cryptocurrencies distributed ledger technology is being explored in every industry. This session will cut through hype to see if blockchain has a future in the identity industry.
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