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Alan Goode | Managing Director
Goode Intelligence | United Kingdom

Alan Goode, Managing Director, Goode Intelligence

Alan Goode is the CEO and Chief Analyst of Goode Intelligence a research and, consulting company for the identity and biometrics sectors.

  • 15 years of research and analysis experience
  • Seventeen years of management and technology consultancy with experience of strategy and deployment
  • Experienced security manager and senior technical consultant:
    • Head of Information Security at T Mobile UK
    • Head of Digital Security at De La Rue Identity
    • Security analyst for Citibank (Payments
    • Security analyst for Motorola Handset s
    • Identity Practice Manager at Schlumberger
  • Expert in biometrics, authentication/identity, fraud management and cyber security
  • Frequent speaker and conference lead including Judge for GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2012 2019; speaker on biometrics at Connect ID, Biometrics & Identity Conference 2015 , MoneyConf 2016, ATM & Cyber Security 2017 & 2018, Lendit Europe 2017, Biometric Summit London 2018 and Biometric Summit New York 2019.


Day 1 @ 13:50

Grand Designs: Identity in Action (Taking place in the Digital:ID Conference Room)

Hear about major projects governments are launching and how they’ve been brought from development to implementation, as well as the challenges faced along the way and what the future holds.

Day 1 @ 16:15

Biometrics for Public Security: Performance, Practice and Ethics 

Recent advancements have expanded the capacity of biometrics to enhance public security. This session will bring together the perspectives of a variety of stakeholders, to ask how the capabilities of automated facial recognition surveillance can be leveraged for good.

Day 3 @ 11:10

Standards and Testing: Practical Outcomes

In developing innovative biometric systems, it is critical for technologies to undergo evaluation, to ensure standards are met, performance is achieved, and interoperability established. This session will give an insight into the latest testing initiatives and uncover their practical implications.

Day 3 @ 15:10

Identity Week Question Time (Taking place in the SDW Conference Room)

Identity Week Question Time will allow the audience to engage with a group of identity experts to discuss the big picture issues that have been drawn out during the conference.
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