Zeina Khoury | Chief Executive Officer
High Mark Real Estate Brokers

Zeina Khoury, Chief Executive Officer, High Mark Real Estate Brokers

A skilled senior manager with experience in real estate, marketing and TV. Over the past 14 years, Zeina lead the set up and development of High Mark Real Estate Brokers - a multi-purpose real estate brokerage, best known as the exclusive agent of Palazzo Versace Dubai. Zeina is still responsible for business development and strategic planning and has been instrumental in making High Mark the success it is today. 
Zeina also co-founded Bookanyservice.com, an instant service booking app, which aims to revolutionize the way businesses attract clients and clients choose service providers.
With natural drive, vision and excellent flair for business, she empowers and successfully manages a diverse team of individuals with various functions and skills. Zeina is also often invited to lead video programs for local TV stations and international companies.
Zeina studied business administration and banking & finance and is fluent in English & Arabic.


PropIT 2020 day 1 @ 10:00

Panel discussion: Exploring the recent past and the potential role of emerging technologies as a catalyst for radical change in property and construction

PropIT 2020 day 1 @ 13:40

Panel discussion: Identifying the areas property developers would benefit most from receiving better data, information or analysis

  • Construction and development costs
  • Feasibility assessment and due diligence
  • Market supply and demand forecasts

PropIT 2020 day 2 @ 13:40

Panel discussion: Presenting easier options and faster solutions which will expand your client base

PropIT 2020 day 2 @ 15:20

Converging and aligning the marketing and sales departments: trend or necessity?

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