Spencer Lodge | Chief Executive Officer

Spencer Lodge, Chief Executive Officer, MAKE-IT-HAPPEN.COM

Having been voted into the top 100 most influential people in Dubai, there’s no denying that Spencer Lodge has been making waves in the international financial services and sales industry for many decades. With over twenty-five years experience, he’s personally trained thousands of people during his career and has helped build some of the largest and most successful direct sales forces, delivering expert results for his clients. 
Having dedicated his career to building businesses and training employees to achieve their full potential, Spencer decided that it was time to spread his wealth of knowledge internationally and Make-It-Happen University was born. Through this online platform, Spencer shares the secret to success, and gives anyone who needs to create revenue (including entrepreneurs, professional sales people and anyone in business development) every tool they need to succeed. He also travels the world hosting seminars and doing webinars for people looking to take their careers to the next level.
His can-do attitude has seen him achieve some incredible feats- most recently climbing Mount Toubkal (which at 4,167 metres is the highest peak in the Atlas
Mountains, Morocco, North Africa and the Arab World) as well as summiting Mount Kilimanjaro- the tallest mountain on the African continent and the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Just before this he cycled over 1000 kilometres from London to Geneva to raise money for children with special needs. He has also summited past Everest Base Camp to Kala Patthar (5 800 meters above sea level) and he plans to do further adventures to raise money for causes close to his heart. For Spencer, winning isn’t everything- it’s the only thing. Once he sets his mind to something, there’s nothing that he can’t do. He’s a devoted husband, a loving father, a philanthropist (who has donated over $1 million for children in Africa born with HIV), an adventurer, a public speaker, a business leader, and an author.


PropIT 2020 day 1 @ 13:40

Panel discussion: The digitally transformed workforce: how to upskill and retrain to retain talent

PropIT 2020 day 1 @ 14:10

Next Generation Selling

PropIT 2020 day 2 @ 11:00

Panel discussion: Creating a focused digital strategy and organisation

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  • Digital collaboration
  • Back-office integration
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